Report that isolates various 'fees'

I raised this here Using enterprise fees to 'privilege' products near source initally - more details:

I’m a hub manager and I use various enterprise fees including: transport fees (that I have to pay to a transport company after delivery to the hub), fundraising fee (that I have to keep track of so I can use it to subsidize food costs for certain customers in future OCs), administration fee (or my ‘mark-up’ that stays with my hub). In addition, the certified organic producers in my OC are doing a program in solidarity with the organic sector here where they collect a percentage to help fund organic sector advocacy activities. So, I need to isolate these fees too (lets call them ‘handling fee’ set by some producers). Plus, there are some taxable products in my OC - and the tax needs to be isolated so it can be remitted to the government. These aren’t fees - buyt they are amounts that I need to isolate.

So I need a report , that can be generated for any given OC or a given time period, that will show me the total for each different fee that the OC coordinator has added, as well as totals for each different fee that producers in the OC have added in, as well as a tax total for the OC.

Anyone else need something like this?
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I’m very surprised no one has asked for this here, I’m sure someone will need it soon. There’s almost no point using multiple fees, assigned to multiple parties without a report that can give a breakdown of the fees collected… I’d support this report, but I can’t say we have current demand for it.

FYI here’s the relevant github issue -

Maybe no one has asked yet because I get the sense that here in Can we’ve ended up (really by chance) starting out on OFN with very complicated applications. (Trial by fire for me - but I’ve learned a lot about using OFN and fees - thanks to your help.) I get the sense that most OFN instances are really only using the admin or packing fee as a ‘mark-up’ for the coordinator/hub. This will surely change - there are so many other ways to use the fees feature - it is very powerful I think - and REALLY lets us take the concept of transparency to new heights.

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Archiving this as covered by Report that isolates various enterprise fees in delivery at the moment