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In the order cycle report, payment method, there seems to be a way to handle customers balance, while the customer management is not yet fully operational in the back office.

Maybe I have not understand this report, and maybe it’s because there is something we don’t use properly in the platform, but the report seems a bit strange (I just hided the phone and mails of the people as this post is public ;-))

  • It seems aggregation is done based on the email, if I understand well. That would be great for each line to indicate what has been paid, but also the true price of the order after recalcultion, and the balance corresponding after this payement :wink:
  • Also it seems the aggregation is actully sometimes working and sometimes not. The different lines display properly the different amounts paid by a given person, but the last column, “balance”, displays sometimes very strange figures, for example if I take all the lines corresponding the user “Bendik”, a member of our buying group

    whereas the real balance is 36…

Do you have any idea about where those strange figures come from?
For some people the balance displayed is right, but for most of them it’s not, and with totaly unrealistic figures (like the one for Bendik), and we tried to look in different directions but didn’t see any reason…

Also, would it be possible, as it is done for the order total by supplier for example, or total by customer, to have in the report:
For each user,

  • one line for each payment, with the amount paid / final amount due for the order / balance of the client after that payement
  • and a “recap” line per user after all the lines of the user, where we see the final balance today of this client? Or maybe if it’s easier another colum with “final balance”…
    Today we follow our customers’paymene info (amount paid for the order/ real order after adjustment / balance due or owed) into excel as we can’t follow all that in OFN (until now ;-))

Ping @lin_d_hop, I’m sure you will have some clue understand the bug we get on that very useful report :wink:

Hi @MyriamBoure
Thanks for picking this up.
We used to have similar issues with the report but I did a bit of work to fix them. Perhaps I missed some things…
Before I dig into this I just wanted to check, which version of OFN do you currently have deployed?

We just got v1.4 deployed and the issue remains just as Myriam described it @lin_d_hop @CynthiaReynolds

I think I found two defects in the report:

  1. if an order contains several payments entries, only the first will appear in the report - even if it has been voided. The report should show the sum of the captured (validated) payments.

  2. When an order has not been captured yet then it would not be taken into account at all in the balance. For instance if I have 2 orders:

  • 1st order: value=10 euro, payment captured = 15 euro, order balance = +5 euro
  • 2nd order: value=20 euro, not captured
    So the total balance should be 5-20=-15 euro, but the report will not take the 2nd order into account as it is not captured and will show total balance = +5 euro
    (I think this can also be qualified as a defect or maybe it is a “feature”?)

And one more wish: would be great to show the order cycle in the report

Thanks for working on this!

Hi @myriam, @oliver,
Thanks for pointing out the bugs on this report. On my list to look into this week. I’ll let you know how it goes.

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@Olivier rather than oliver

@lin_d_hop, you had any time to work on this? Let me know if you have any question!