Product Curation meeting #25 notes - November 2nd 2020

Continuing the discussion from Product curation meeting #24 notes - 6 October 2020:

Done since last time we met

Current view of roadmap

In play

  1. Bye bye spree (@luisramos0) Last bit in testing. Will go live in the next release see roll-out plan!

  2. Mobile shopping improvements (@Erioldoesdesign + @maikel) - Almost completely live! Small tweaks left.

  3. Rails Upgrade 4.1 (@luisramos0) - this topic is dev completed. But Bye bye spree needs to be released first. In order to prepare for Rails 4.2 we can remove pin payments + do a product spike on MIGS: is it useful to connect banks to OFN?

  4. KPIs & Metabase (@Jana + @sauloperez) - following up getting Metabase set up, the goal here is to get first metrics out. The first version of the dashboard is ready. We need now to review + making it available for everyone. There is also the question of how far we go in terms of metrics for this first round. So next step is a discourse post so everyone validates what has been done.

  5. Stripe SCA compliance - Subscriptions (@lin_d_hop + @luisramos0 + @apb ) - Subscription is currently being worked on. Andy is testing the whole workflow to make sure it is working.

  6. Rails Upgrade 4.2 (@luisramos0) - not yet started.

Next up

  1. Consumer price comparison / Unit price (@Jana + @Erioldoesdesign + @sauloperez ) - design is done, now on community approval on discourse

  2. Product list uplift (@Kirsten + ? ) - Community feedback We need to assign design & dev.

  3. History of invoice changes (@Rachel + ?) - waiting for re-inception.

  4. Invoice number system (@Rachel + ?) - waiting for re-inception.

  5. Improved reporting (@lin_d_hop + @Rachel + @Matt-Yorkley) - Version 2 of the tax report is out for community review! See reports channel. A chat will be organized to validate the final version and move this forward to something ready for dev.

  6. Networking pt 2 - Mario did all the documentation on discourse.This might be paused while Mario is away. To be confirmed.

@Kirsten will be facilitating next product curation meeting :muscle:

To be discussed next time:

  • How do we assign ressources backoffice uplift vs invoices
  • Ts&Cs final compliance round
  • Improved reporting roadmap
  • Making room for automated testing
  • Making room for security?

PS: this is a wiki, please edit if something is wrong!

My dodgy notes:

Product Curation

T&Cs round 1 is done but when do we talk about the T&C’s mess we’ve now discovered re. legal compliance.

Info gathered in France from lawyer, but by the time we started inception + work the lawyer was not available to hire budget wise.

We need to assess whether we want to do these improvements, not a lot of other companies are doing this yet so risk analysis needed.

Mobile UX - mostly done, it’s live, feedback from hub, treating any little bugs within standard process, a few S3’s. 1 bug that needs product decision on whether it’s an S2 or S3.

Markup product description:

Heavy markup in use is bad UX.

  • Question around markup in descriptions wider conversation.
  • Do we allow HTML in product descriptions?
  • Question around roll-out of new features and s-ranking decision making.
  • Regression

Some work done on a mobile UX ticket.

Eriol will try to capture the issues being raised from the live feature.

Issues can be left for the new FE dev to complete when arrive.

Leave epic open until these are done and then close.

Aus roll out for Mobile UX shop design is happening soon (today or tomorrow)

Bye bye spree

Last PR that ends BBSpree will be in the next release and there has been discussion on rollout.

  1. France will be first instances to have it.
  2. Deploy to 1 or 2 and then roll back if needed.
  3. Deploy to all instances and can roll back everyone.

Discourse post: Beta Releases and how we deploy them: roll out plan for "bye bye spree" and "rails 4.1 upgrade"

Stripe SCA

Updated on the account page scanned authorisation sea check is done there. Avoid doing later or a decline later

Process test for setting up a sub with those and improving process if it gets declined because of sca.

1 place for authorisation will get a big chunk of cards that need authorised.

Later this week for code review and testing hope.

Stripe testing out of release testing? New test not 100% covered, tests on our side.

Rails 4.1

Dev complete

Pin payments can go!

removing pin payments remove rjs? nobody knows how to use it so can we get rid of it?

Didn’t want to migrate a new feature on rails 4.2

Remove code before moving to 4.2

Does this code connect directly to bank payment gateways? Needs a spike to investigate the code and document what it does.

How useful is this payment method?

KPI’s and Metabase

Progress made last week

Global KPI dashboard ready

Feedback on dashboard - working and useful can be setup for other instances.

Set up for France as a first case.

Dashboard per instance and 1 global dash that is aggregated data. Compare between different countries etc.

Needs more dev time for query creation but can be better defined by product first.

Replicating what we have across instances is easy for Jana but some instances may want different and specific details.

Discourse post will be created for feedback.

Adapted weight and measures finished with a switch in super admin.

Assumes grams not pounds. BOM issue in GitHub and USA can push forward.

Not sufficiently used to assign dev time.

Check marks may be live or in next release.

Unit prices

Community feedback

Version 1.2 will be needed

New product page re. Network designs.

New product back office uplift

Delaying one thing until another thing comes along.

Question: How to organise community feedback? Who is able to participate and add feedback?

Product circle to talk about this in detail.

Feedback overwhelm.

When is the feedback due.

Product list uplift

Feedback on this around

Keep the engine running

React dev is this what they’re working on

Resourcing for design

Mobile version - missing an op.

Invoicing history

Could be incepted by product and wait for design

We could see how it goes working across all three. I’d like to see how that goes and just continue to log time that is vol time. That gives us a good understanding of resourcing time.


Tax report is out for community review and give feedback

Collective session

Async comms probs

Tax report is almost ready for dev

Product curation extended to 1.5 hours and next Prod Curation design time will be split and assigned.

Does the list based system still work, shifting and morphing in this part of the process.

Kirsten can lead the next Product Curation

The question of whether or not we can drop manual Stripe integration testing from the release testing process came up. I didn’t want to give a definite “yes” on this one straight away, the answer is “maybe, but we need to have a look and discuss it before making a decision”.

Is there a T-Shirt size for making Weights and Measures work with BOM? If we’ve implemented it as a new feature but it’s broken in some cases maybe we should try to finish it off instead of leaving it?

re. BOM and weights and measures @Matt-Yorkley - from a process perspective I’d say we endorsed and supported voluntary contribution of this work. This does not mean taking on finishing it ourselves from global resources