Product curation meeting #26 notes - 17 November 2020

Continuing the discussion from Product curation meeting #25 notes - 2 November 2020:

Done since last time we met


Current view of roadmap

In play

  1. Bye bye spree (@luisramos0) No problems with roll-out in France. This new release this week contains a couple of extra fixes. Germany and UK have raised their hands as being ok with roll-out this time, Andy, Kirsten and Pau confirmed for USA, Aus and Katuma. @tschumilas being notified now on slack Beta Releases and how we deploy them: roll out plan for "bye bye spree" and "rails 4.1 upgrade")!
  2. Mobile shopping improvements (@Erioldoesdesign + @maikel) - Almost completely live! Small tweaks left. @maikel and @sauloperez both potentially looking at these
  3. Rails Upgrade 4.1 and Rails Upgrade 4.2 (@Matt-Yorkley) - Both upgrades are blocked by things, which are currently in testing. We are removing pin payments + MIGS.
  4. KPIs & Metabase (@Jana + @sauloperez) - Dashboard - discourse post is up for discussion. Not everyone has access to Metabase. This prompted discussion of use of Metabase for user analytics as well as instances. Moving ahead with setup for Australia this week. Two major discussions needed:
  • are there resources for setting this up for other instances
  • existing dashboard with existing queries - 1st cut. Do we have prioritisation to setup all of them. We would create issues in inception pipe for new queries and then discuss resourcing on a case-by-case basis
  1. Stripe SCA compliance - Subscriptions (@lin_d_hop + @luisramos0 + @apb ) - Still in progress, no major milestone / updates

Next up

6* Platform T&Cs for Shoppers - two tiny epics (@lin_d_hop + X?)
6. Consumer price comparison / Unit price (@Jana + @Erioldoesdesign + @sauloperez ) - design is done, now on community approval on discourse. There are a few issues that have come up, going through final feedback and then can move forward. @sauloperez not necessarily implementing
7. Product list uplift (@Kirsten + ? ) - Community feedback Update meeting tomorrow with @Kirsten @Jana @Erioldoesdesign @Rachel
8. History of invoice changes (@Rachel + ?) - needs a tech lead and waiting for review and re-inception. Leave until tech lead is picking it up.
9. Invoice number system (@Rachel + ?) - waiting for re-inception.
10. Improved reporting (@lin_d_hop + @Rachel + @Matt-Yorkley) - Version 2 of the tax report is out for community review! See reports channel, meetings this week to discuss - it’s continuing to iterate rapidly. You should come to meeting if interested / affected - Wednesday 10am GMT and Thursday 6pm GMT - see global calendar
11. Networking pt 2 - Mario did all the documentation on discourse.This might be paused while Mario is away. To be confirmed.

Next meeting: @Jana to facilitate, proposing / testing new use of inception pipe. Question to be considered - how do notes best reach rest of community?

To be discussed next time:

  • Improved reporting roadmap
  • Making room for automated testing
  • Making room for security?


  • If we had dual-boot we would be able to get bug fixes through. and/or we could almost have a bugfix pipe/channel for faster deploys

PS: this is a wiki, please edit if something is wrong!