Useability of E2E link management

How does it work?

NB: Italicised sections describe the desired state - not yet implemented. More info for implementation included under TO DO

Enterprise User can access E2E links via

NB. Need to use the URL directly at the moment as access has not been given

This shows E2E links where

  • I own or manage both Enterprises in the E2E link (enabling view, edit, delete)
  • I own or manage the Enterprise that is permitting another enterprise (enabling view, edit, delete)
  • I own or manage an Enterprise that is permitted by another Enterprise (enabling view, delete) [ see Permissions / View below]

I can create E3E links from Enterprises that I own or manage to any Enterprise in the system


Quick Usability Fixes

  • add button to quickly select all permissions
  • enable editing of existing relationships (turn on and off attributes)
  • only where User owns or manages the Enterprise that is granting permissions
  • enable search / filter by permission type e.g. show me just P-OC or P-OC and P-p/v
  • enable selection of multiple enterprises in dropdowns (checkboxes or different additive control?) so that I can quickly set-up the same permission for multiple enterprises e.g. in example below I want all of my producers to be available to my friend who is opening a new hub in the next town

  • split by permissions granted and permissions received [tabs?]
  • select by Enterprise first?

Permissions / View

  • need to see [but not edit?] P-OC granted to my Enterprises by others e.g. from super-admin I can see . .

    but as owner of OFN Independent Hub I can’t [YET] see this (this has been fixed - Sally)

Request permissions from an Enterprise I don’t own or manage

Needs design discussion. Could be done by

  • Create . . then goes into pending
  • Places somewhere in receiving enterprise’s account (dashboard? E2E links page?), requiring them to approve
  • sends them an email with direct link to where they can approve it
  • ultimate - they can do from email without logging in . .
  • they can turn on/off attributes e.g. granting you more or less than you asked for
  • your dashboard / E2E links page shows approval
  • you get email letting you know that they have done it
  • later - would like to be able to do this from the front e.g. if i am an enterprise user browsing the map and profiles, I can ‘request’ that you let me add you to my order cycles, or ‘offer’ for you to add me [probably just for add to ocs, everything else from the back?]


This page will definitely need some kind of drop-down help info and/or some ‘what’s this’ text, explaining the implications of the different permissions

I wonder if we could implement some Help / Please Explain info throughout, using something like the ‘Type’ dropdown that appears when you have a single enterprise
(Here’s a table describing implications of each permission- Sally)…


  • When I am creating a new E2E relationship with permissions, and an old ‘link only’ relationship exists, should:
  • automatically replace / override OR
  • give me the option?

Known Issues

  • E2E Permissions: should I be able to allocate ‘Manage Products’ permission if I am not a Producer?
  • Can Dashboard list show Enterprises that I have permission to do stuff with e.g. add to OCs, MPs, but show them differently e.g. greyed out or something?

@maikel - here is more explanation

Following #964 @sstead I would like to share our need from France on that point, seems to go in the same direction as what is suggested here.

When a hub manager create an entreprise for his hub, he can only create it’s own entreprise, but as a hub, he can’t do anything until a super admin has given him E2E relationship. Today this is a manual process, which is not user friendly and not scalable. What I suggest is:

In the set-up of the hub, as the late screen + in the entreprise admin panel (new tab), ask the hub manager if he wants to connect his hub to other entreprises (producers, hubs partners). I see a space so that the hub manager can start typing the name of the entreprise, and there could be an auto-detection function (to avoid recreating an existing hub) and suggestion should appear as the person type… so he can select an existing entreprise and "resquest authorization to: "with a list of 3-4 option (already exiting). If no exiting entreprise is recognized, the hub manager will be asked if he wants to create it, and he can then set up the entreprise of a producer.
Here I suggest that if we ask if he manages himself that entreprise or if he wants to create it on behalf of somebody else (ex: a farmer who doesn’t want to do it).
In my mind this “somebody else” should be notified that his profile has been created on the OFN and by who (so that he can ask if he is surprised…)

What are your thoughts on that? Is it clear or to you want a mockup?

Thanks Myriam, yes these suggestions tie in with what’s described above.

I’ll just mention a few existing functions which are a start on what you describe. Firstly, when a hub creates profiles for their supplying producers, E2Es are automatically created (assume they have permission to create >1 enterprise). Only when they want to connect to an enterprise that’s owned by someone else do they need SuperAdmin intervention to create E2Es.

Secondly, when a producer goes to create + New Enterprise, if they type in the name of an enterprise already in the system, they are prevented from creating a duplicate profile… and get the error…“Name has already been taken. If this is your enterprise and you would like to claim ownership, please contact the current manager of this profile at email.” This error could be edited to also say ‘if you’d like to trade with this enterprise contact SuperAdmin to setup the permission’… and one day… “Go to Enterprise Relationships to set up trading permissions with this enterprise”

But absolutely, eventually it would be ideal if enterprises could control and setup their own E2E permissions in a straightforward manner, without SuperAdmin intervention, and with all parties being alerted.

Thank you @sstead for those precisions.
Actually the problem for me is in [quote=“sstead, post:4, topic:102”]
(assume they have permission to create >1 enterprise)

Because it means every new hub owner is a bit lost at the begining, he doen’t understand why he can’t create his supplier, so he has to ask and we have to explain that we need to give him the authorization… I would suggest that by default if you create a hub you should have the write to create new entreprises, without having to ask permission to a super-admin (looks like we want to control everything…)
If I set up as a producer, no need to have more permission, but a hub by nature needs to create / connect with other entreprises… so should be by default and will avoid questions and super-admin intervention.

About the “name already taken”, it’ a first step, but it happens a lot that I will write the name a bit differently (for example “TheGreatFarm” instead of “The Great Farm” or I will make a small typo mistake. I have seen recognition systems that suggest what “looks like” even if it’s not exactly the same typo… I think that would be useful in that case.

Hi @MyriamBoure, i voiced this in the office and the consensus is that there’s no need for us to authorise people before they can create >1 enterprise. It was initially a business model feature, but it’s not required any more. Pop it on your wishlist I suggest. Same goes for the search for existing enterprise idea.

Thank you @sstead! I’ll do that now :slight_smile:

Continuing the discussion on my last point here: Supplier connexion process in hub setup