Hubs can easily navigate back office and manage their shopfront

What is the need / problem

The shopfront management is painful today. Lots of useless clicks (like when you add a payment method and validate you are back to dashboard and need to click again on manage to get back to where you were), some actions are not working properly (like expand all button in products expands only top first products), etc. I don’t include here performance issues which will be covered elsewhere. I’m also not including here order cycle overhaul wich will be covered i the “network” part.

Who does it impact

All hub managers

What is the current impact of this problem

Adoption of OFN by food hub managers, who find it a bit complicated.

What is the benefit in focusing on this

Enable OFN instances to get more food hub users (adoption of the platform by local food entreprises)

Links to more details

Lots of GH issues on this:

Potential solutions that will solve this problem

Feature candidate : Improve basic shopfront management UX.
Will contain more than one user stories:

  • improve datepickers UX
  • improve image management (hub and products)
  • fix bad redirection (after creating shipping/payment method after updating anything in entreprise (sent back to info page now), etc.)

This is way too big and needs to be curated.

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