Data migration for pushing Order Cycles with P-OC

Continuing the discussion from Upgrading Order Cycle functionality to read from P-OC:

as I’m testing I’m picking stuff up that we need to think about for data migration when we push this. Catching issues and screen grabs here and we can work it up into a spec - @oeoeaio

Previously existing order cycle

If P-OC does not exist between Producers or Hubs and Coordinator, then names are blanked out - confusing

Two possibilities for how to handle this

  1. build migration that creates P-OC links for all enterprises to:
  • Coordinators of OCs they are in AND
  • exchanges they are in (e.g. Producers with outgoing Hubs)

so that old OCs will work and if someone clones the OC and reuses it will be ok. CAUTION re. over-writing existing E2E links - in most cases a basic E2E link will exist, but with no permissions attached

  1. other option might be to just upgrade every E2E link to include P-OC if it doesn’t already - as most should be there to get the Producers appearing in the info panels

then would need to check the outgoing hubs w coordinators

CHECK - what’s going to happen to Producers w shop and simple OC, anything?

NB. Would it be a good idea to enable easy editing of E2E links before we push this, so that I can easily find and deal with problems? e.g. do 1st couple of items here - Useability of E2E link management