Select Order Cycle interface for Users with multiple Enterprise types

Users can create multiple Enterprises of different types. These Enterprises have different abilities that affect how Order Cycles work.

There is a simplified OC Interface for a single Producer Shop, which automatically sets the Producer, Coordinator and Outgoing Distributors (Shop) to the Producer.

The more complex OC interface becomes available if the User selects a Hub as the coordinator of the order cycle.

When a User creates an Order Cycle:

  • If User has > 1 Enterprise (with type enabling OCs e.g. own or any), then

  • ‘New Order Cycle’ first asks User to select the Coordinator of this OC

  • options are all Enterprises that the User owns or manages, that have type own or any

  • loads appropriate OC interface for that Enterprise (e.g. simple for Producer Shop and full for Hub)

  • When Coordinator is ‘own’, send to simple interface

  • The full OC interface is populated with appropriate data / options according to management and permissions
    For more detail on how this works, see Order Cycles and P-OC