What's New - v1.4 (160129)

Released on: 29th January 2016

Continuing the discussion from What’s New - v1.3

##For Customers

  • Add to cart speed corrected on Norway server (link)
  • Producer modal now displaying correctly in Firefox.
  • Shopping cart fits to the screen and has a scroll bar now (link).

##For Enterprises

  • Additions to variant overrides interface: The variant override page now has searching and filters. Enterprises can now override variant SKU and give a product ‘on demand’ status. The new stock level reset button lets enterprises reset the ‘on hand’ override to a given stock level by clicking a button. The new inherit button also allows for quick removal of any over-rides. (link) (user-guide)
  • Product variants can now be assigned a unique SKU.
  • Translation email fixed (link)
  • Order confirmation now reads ‘Total’ at end of order instead of ‘Produce’ Git761
  • Minor fix the the way Facebook links and thumbnails display. No longer showing blurb of unrelated enterprises.
  • The max values are retained between shopfront and edit cart page (link)
  • The ‘receival instructions’ in the order cycle interface no longer disappear as noted in Github 302
  • Fee calculation speed improved.


  • Translation of GST Y/N on /register Git348


  • For better maintainability the angular OC controller has been split into parts.
  • Tests now running faster on travis.

##Next Up
Further improvements to the variant over-ride interface including option to show/hide variants.
Improve visibility of tax in the shopfront.
Group page improvements