Upgrade Variant Override to Inventory Management interface

Specifying top level of Product / Inventory management overhaul from Product / Variant Management - wishlist:

We’re going to shift to using the variant overrides interface as main inventory management system for your specific Hub e.g. independent of the underlying producer inventory

Phase 1

  • Angularise for increased inventory management functionality

  • filter by producer - DONE

  • search by product name etc - DONE

  • adjustable columns - DONE

  • include columns for: sku; on demand; - DONE

  • Reset Inventory - DONE

  • Can set a VO to ‘inherit’. ie. remove all overrides - DONE

  • Control which P/V I can see

  • option to ‘hide’ any products and variants that you don’t want to use. This will only apply to your hub, enabling you to control your own stock list / inventory - DONE

  • Messaging around availability of new products / auto-include option - DONE

  • ‘hidden’ products are not available on the order cycles interface and therefore shopfront - DONE

for Phase 2

  • investigate lists and inheritance, see here

for Phase 3

  • upgrade Order Cycle interface to draw from inventory lists, to solving a number of the useability problems in Order Cycle - Wishlist)

@oeoeaio @sstead - pinging you to this page for any required discussion and testing

Testing notes:
My understanding of permissions is that to create VOs you must have P-VO, correct? Ownership is not enough, just like OCs? If so there is an issue with permission regarding who can create VOs.

I was allowed to put the same SKU for two products.

Not sure if this is a problem, but just to note, if an original product has Group Buy, it will still have this if there’s a variant over-ride on it.

Yays- the variant override on hand quantity goes down if someone orders. Variant override turning on demand off/on is working. The filtering and searching is working. Price over-rides working. Tax status working.

Well done @oeoeaio! Testing of the following all looks good!
Angularise for increased inventory management functionality
filter by producer - TESTING
search by product name etc - TESTING
adjustable columns - TESTING
include columns for: sku; on demand; - TESTING
Reset Inventory - TESTING
Can set a VO to ‘inherit’. ie. remove all overrides - TESTING

The only thing I noticed was a light issue with the display of the save changes button, sometimes it obscured, or was obscured:

Tax and fees are calculalted based on VO prices :smile:
The permission thing is still happening, but it’s not urgent

Hi @oeoeaio
Just confirming how permissions are working for Variant Over-rides…
I’m a hub.

  • I own an enterprise, but have no E2E2s (or any combination of E2Es for that matter). I’m able to create variant overrides for this enterprise’s products. I think this needs to be disabled so that only if P-VO has been granted can I make a VO.
  • For enterprises I don’t own, the only way I can create a VO for their products is if I have P-VO. This is working correctly.
  • If I have a distributor (they have granted me P-OC only), I can create VOs for them (this shouldn’t be). I can only do this for producers who have given them P-VO (if externally owned). It’s not enough that they gave P-VO to me, they must also have given it to them. But again I can make VOs for enterprises they own (but have no E2Es).

I’m separating out the initial post so that I can close off as ‘done’ the work that is complete and bring the ‘to do’ stuff back into wishlist