Running your own local OFN

If you are looking to set up and run your own local OFN, this category is the place to find any information, advice, or to ask questions about setting up and administering an instance.

Need help setting up an instance? Want to know how to change the colour palette? This category is where you will find the information you need to do this, and where you can ask questions when you can’t find the answer you need.

If you are wanting to lead the establishment of OFN in your community or region, there is some more information about how to start getting a group together at Starting your OFN organisation

Once you have your local instance up and running, you need to know more about how it works to configure and operate it meet your needs. Start here.

There are a number of features that are currently only available to ‘Super-Admin’ (the single instance Administrator) while they are being developed and tested - so if you don’t know how to use them it will be very difficult to get it to work. These mostly relate to management of users, enterprises and their roles and permissions.

For a more basic use of OFN e.g. if you are only running one Hub, much of this functionality can be ignored.

Please note:

To operate a branded instance of the Open Food Network (e.g. to represent us in your country or region), we require a Partnership Agreement that ensures the values and purpose of the project are aligned, that your contribution to the commons is agreed and that your proposed business model is consistent with these.

We are in the process of drafting our first Partnership Agreements between the Open Food Foundation, OFN UK, Altifrem in Norway and the African Conservation Trust in South Africa. These agreements will become the basis of future agreements for operating branded OFN outside Australia. See further discussion in the Governance category.

NB. We will be releasing a white-label version for all other users shortly.

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