Product / Variant Management - wishlist

Bulk Product Edit (BPE) Page

Grand Re-Visioning . . increased separation between the product’s primary information and the management of inventory, stock, prices, overrides etc. This will enable Enterprises to have a greater control of which products and variants they actually want to see and work with (e.g. hide the ones they don’t want). Detailed outline of this grand-visioning is at Upgrade Variant Overrides Interface for Independent Inventory Control by Hubs

This will reduce the usage intensity of the bulk product edit page, so implementing fixes below considered a lower priority for now (September 2015)


  • Make BPE sortable by titles e.g. alphabetical by product name
  • Needs to be clear that BPE price is the producer price - and that hub fees etc will be added on to what is displayed in the shopfront
  • BPE: search box to still look in the Producer name as well as the Product name? for quick producer selection?
  • It would be great to be able to control the order that variants appear


Commonly used fields that can’t currently be accessed without going into the full product edit, which then contains a whole lot of superfluous and confusing things. When you do go to edit a product it loses the current state of your filters on the BPE page.

  • access description
  • poss. open edit page in new tab (or modal) so don’t lose filters
  • If filter is set, keep it in place on update / refresh - doesn’t go away until is cleared or the session ends

New Product

  • On spree products admin page, when adding a new product, we need a CSS clear after the new product form to avoid the pagination clashing with that form.
  • Rename value field when adding products to “Number of Units” or # Units, Num. Units?

Cloning Products and Variants

see also G#660 Product Duplication Errors

  • When cloning products, the url doesn’t get updated with the updated name
  • Unit value should default to 1
  • Master variant doesn’t need a SKU and SKU should NOT be populated when variant is cloned (does this do it @lisahill?)
  • Clone variants when cloning a product

Group buy

  • fix value things in product page OR better control elsewhere
  • probably going to want to be able to manage group buy from overrides (each Hub determines setting)

Product Images

  • remove button?
  • If there is no product image, could the image be automatically populated with Producer logo
  • drag / drop - display on product page

Continuing the discussion from Enterprise User - fixes / improvements:
Continuing the discussion from Order Cycle fixes / improvements:


  • Creating a new product puts it as the top of the list, but cloning a product places the clone at the bottom of the list. When the list gets really long, you spend a tonne of time scrolling up and down.

  • Cloned product should not have a SKU

  • The ‘Save Changes’ button is only at the top - more scrolling (can there be a second one at the bottom?).

  • Add optional column fields for management of on demand (vs stock ‘on hand’); skus; product properties

  • if a product/variant has overrides a little alert symbol is shown from BPE

Two annoyances/possible future fix list items from me:

Creating a new product puts it as the top of the list, but cloning a product places the clone at the bottom of the list. When the list gets really long, you spend a tonne of time scrolling up and down.

The ‘Save Changes’ button is only at the top - more scrolling (can there be a second one at the bottom?).

perfect issue placement! Have updated the lists above. Would have the save button at the top and bottom mean it didn’t matter so much about the cloned products, or would there be no need for a button at the bottom if the cloned products just went to the top? Just trying to work out if there’s one or two tasks there?

New Issue - When creating multiple clones of a product, the SKU field can sometimes be populated with text such as COPY OF COPY OF COPY OF, etc

If you then create variants of that product, the ability to change the original SKU disappears (e.g. the ‘mother’ product retains an SKU but the box to edit it is gone - the variants’ SKUs are still editable).

Does the mother product even need an SKU, since the variants themselves are the real products? If so, when the ability to edit disappears, can the data go with it? :wink:

in reply to save button & cloned products, i would see them as two separate problems.

Our product list is getting so long that the cloned product going to the bottom is problematic. Ideally the cloned product would inset directly under what was cloned (pipe dream?).

The save button kinda needs to be top and bottom regardless of this clone issue.

These are both now done.

Super! Loving the new look product pages…especially the ability to show different more/less columns :smiley:

@Kirsten regarding SKUs… it seems you can now bulk edit by adding the SKU column to the product bulk edit page (awesome!) but only for the mother product, not for any of the variants.

Also, ‘expand all’ on this page only seems to expand a finite number of the top ones… as you scroll down, the rest have not been expanded. Just an FYI.

githubbing these . .

Yes! Yes! Yes! all sounds amazing @Kirsten

Adding even more to this discussion… regarding bulk editing of products.

When I want to make changes to one particular producer’s products, it’s difficult to do so efficiently. For instance, i’m trying to change all of Producer X’s products to on-demand. I need to filter by producer, select the variant i want to edit, edit the detail and save. Then the only way to move on to the next product is to go back to the bulk edit page, filter by producer again, and repeat the process above. Going ‘back’ on the browser doesn’t hold the producer filter… meaning you can’t return to a list you’re working through easily and effectively. In addition, once you’ve changed and updated a product it seems to move it’s position in the list, meaning it’s hard to keep track of which ones you’ve edited and which you haven’t.

doesn’t solve the general problem, but for this particular case (on demand) you can just turn on the extra column and do it from this page - you don’t actually need to open the specific products or variants

WOO HOO! I completely forgot about that new feature! Thanks for saving me a tonne of time.

@Kirsten I think this is a pretty old post that is not really valid anymore, do you agree? If yes I propose to close it.

yep, I think much is superseded by network 2.0 plan, and other problematic items have either been picked up elsewhere or faded into mists of time. Close