Properties (e.g. certified organic) - wishlist

Continuing the discussion from Properties of Enterprises and Product / Variants (e.g. Organic Certified):

###Phase 2
User Stories

  • Differentiation between accredited / certified and less robust properties e.g. flag for ‘actual certification’ properties, with pop-up suggesting people use certification numbers

  • As a Customer, I can find out more about what these properties mean

  • As a Customer, I can filter by a Supplier’s properties in list pages

  • A Product’s properties are shown in skinny view (icons) on Shopfront

  • Product properties can be edited on BPE page

  • As an admin, when selecting the product properties on the product page, I should be proposed the list of pre-defined properties (today I have to start typing to be proposed choices, and I can create a new one, but the result is that it’s easy to create a dupicate, and it starts to be a mess in the properties)

Potential to create enterprise specific properties, which only show in a specific shopfront. For example Food Connect have their own producer rating system (AA, A, B, C…)

Hi there! Ok, that is really fun, we just had a discussion at lunch with @Selmo and @elf-pavlik eople from The Food Assembly about producer’s rating. It seems interesting to think about producers’ rating in a collaborative way, as a producer which is not playing by the rule can today easily swtich from one platform to the other and regain its reputation when switching network. We talked about working on a common standard for the producers profile and reputation, that is not “inside one platform” but can be transferable. It would also avoid the producers to create their profile in each platform they want to supply through :wink: I let @elf-pavlik comment on that if he wants, he is the open-standard guy and is very interested to work in food systems interoperability :wink:

Yes! :slight_smile: A kind of open source reputation web platform and tool with APIs connected to the different services. In a bigger picture it could also serve as a general tool for the reputation/trust economy, not only for food suppliers but other goods, transport, energy, education etc :wink: