Order Cycle - wishlist

UX [Critical / Important][FC]

No - should be superceded

  • Organise the order that products appear in the OC selector: in alphabetical order AND separated by a bar - in stock above the bar and out of stock below the bar
  • ?? redesign popped open sections - remove images, just have sortable lists by producer, product etc, option show not incl. or not etc? really really hard to see and manage what’s happing in the outgoing section
  • Prices: show prices? make them editable? notify if drawing from variant override
  • Stock levels: show stock levels, or not in stock
  • A hub user has requested that the name, ready for and pickup instructions text boxes be larger, so that you can more easily see what you’re writing in the boxes.
  • search function?

Make it Better - Nice to Have [TBC]

  • Fix (or explain) time widget in OC setup
  • Automatically ‘add all’ products / variants when a Supplier or a Distributor is added to Order Cycle
  • ‘flow through’ changes made to incoming products / variants so that they can be sent straight to outgoing (one or many) without needing to manually check them all
    [Separate card] - Ability to change the timezone of order cycles for QLD/western states, currently they need to manually calculate correct time.


  • If I am in an OC and the start time changes in admin, error re. order cycle closing doesn’t happen, leading to confusion.


  • When there are items in the Order Cycle that I cannot see because I don’t manage or have permission to Enterprise, I see non-sensical numbers in the OC (as per below). I need a warning / explanation msg that there are are other participating Enterprises I can’t see, perhaps telling me who they are? Or to be able to see but not edit? TO CONFIRM

Related wishlist item: Inventory Reset to Start Level in Order Cycle

When adding an incoming supplier, nothing stops you from accidentally adding the same producer/supplier twice. Would it be possible to have something on this page which doesn’t allow you to select the same supplier twice (e.g. it’s removed from the selection list once it’s been added to the order cycle, so that it cannot be selected again)?

Alphabetical Supplier List… because we are adding lots and lots of producers to our order cycles, then usually copying the previous week’s order cycle and adding or changing products as necessary - there is a very long list of producers to scroll through. Is there any chance of the list being automatically sorted within the order cycle? I’ve discovered that if you add the producers alphabetically, then they will stay that way - however if we keep copying the order cycles each week, then add a new producer in week ‘x’, it will automatically be at the bottom of the list, rather than slotting in alphabetically (which would be dreamy!)

Additional item for wishlist - re-design of the distribution section. Selecting producers and products for inclusion in the order cycle is somewhat streamlined (other than my two issues/concerns above) but when it comes to the distribution section, every item & its variant is in a different sized box, sometime producers products don’t appear to be near each other… it’s quite difficult to edit. For instance, we are aiming to create 3 or 4 different order cycles every week. Ideally we will be cloning the ones from the week before and making minor adjustments (ins and outs of product available). Finding an altering those products is quite difficult in this layout… any plans for an upgrade? :wink:

A hub user has requested that the name, ready for and pickup instructions text boxes be larger, so that you can more easily see what you’re writing in the boxes.

@lisahill - I have updated this page with a bunch of stuff - can you check if there are any other specific things that you’d want done to the order cycle page?

Quick input from Luke, our procurement manager (i’m getting my notes together to update this page asap):

It would be easier if the order cycle looked the same as the product page, with an extra column to choose an order cycle to add the products to. That way you can edit the prices, stock levels etc, then straight away add to the order cycle. Alternatively, the order cycle page could have prices and stock levels. Having the order cycle page in a tabular form, with filters for the columns etc, would help enormously.

An expand all button is a must if they keep the current format.

great - I think we’re on the right track with what we’re thinking re redesign @oeoeaio @sstead - except we’re thinking we turn the ‘overrides’ page into an inventory management that lets you build and manage ‘inventory lists’, and then these lists are just added to order cycles . . work in progress

Alrighty - have looked over updated detail above. Think it all sounds tops, and some of the comments/ suggested changes that I had noted thus far are superseded if based on the new page concept… so might be better to wait until you’ve got testing pages and the like before throwing anything else at you. YAY.

And… I think outgoing can be alphabetical in bulk products (no supplier break up) because then you can preview your full catalogue (presuming this will still included pictures, but now with added prices) :slight_smile: Currentlly we split the double checking work each week - one person looking at a live order cycle (with hidden links, because we can do that) and the other person in the back end - as it’s the only way to completely look over every thing that will be displayed and still edit it as you go.

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@Kirsten it’d be great to know a timeline on this stuff - i’m counting down the weeks until i depart and madly writing Help Guides - but don’t want to spend too much time on ones that might be superseded. Any chance this overhaul will be complete by Christmas?

how many weeks are you down to? I have one more week at melb uni (this one) and then will have some more time . . will have a better idea on overhaul speed at the end of this week. @RohanM and @oeoeaio are both working on bits of it . .

Four weeks, but one of them I will be doing the procurement manager role so Luke can have holidays, which leaves very little development time. And I’m desperately trying to get more time on the farm before I leave the state, cutting down computer hours greatly. But lots of time for phone conversations whilst weeding & picking… Plus the job as for a replacement is finally up & applications close Friday so hopefully I’ll be introducing you to someone awesome in the next week or so!

cool. @RohanM is starting work on the order creation and editing stuff tomorrow, so if you can have a quick look at my analysis and prioritisation of tasks on that here that would be awesome!