Order cycles

Just creating a new OC for the first time in a while and noticing some possible tweaks / fixes. Should be considered alongside longstanding issues here

Removing clicks!

  • Can I just pick a supplier from the dropdown and that selects it, rather than picking and then having to click ‘add Supplier’
  • When I add a supplier, seems like default expected behaviour would be to add all. then i can remove what i don’t want. i have other places to control this in products and inventory, so quick n easy OC behaviour would be to add all
  • these changes would get adding each supplier (and outgoing distributor) from 5 clicks down to 1

Hi Kirsten,

As I understand it, the idea is that you simply copy/clone a previous order cycle and then make any changes as necessary. I use this all the time and then add or remove suppliers or products depending on the need in that week.