List of initiatives (that may or may not be prioritized) with Design work involved

This post is not related to our prioritization process. This post is related to new designers onboarding and it’s objective is to share info and context with new comers.

This post lists some initiatives that may land on our roadmap that will require involvement from the Design team.

For details about what is already prioritized, you can go to the Product curation meeting notes: Product curation meeting #18 notes - 28 July 2020

I am making this a wiki post so anyone can change and edit (I am not the specialist, I am just starting it). ping @danielle @Rachel @lin_d_hop @Kirsten

This list takes our current priorities/product curation chats and lists tasks that require design input:

The following list of from Luis outside of current priorities:

In addition to Luis’ list from Lynne in no particular order:

  • Placing an order in the back office - I believe there is a Github epic for this but I can’t find it.
  • Refunds, account balances etc in back office: Github Epic
  • /shops page on mobile: Fell out of scope for recent mobile work and… well, try it on mobile:

Some inputs from Rachel (in addition as well):

Customer checkout

  • Our checkout experience is not good. This: will help us asses it more clearly, but we have often feedback in France that people don’t checkout. They add to the basket and then they think they are done.
  • People get confused to see their product can run out of stock during checkout (after the cart) : Secure products availability during checkout process
  • Users complain they often don’t see that you need to scroll on the checkout page to fill everything. A more linear checkout would help.
  • Our radio buttons for shipping and paying are sooooo tiny!!

Capturing payments and refunds

Contrast - font size

  • Especially a backend issue, but spree font size and colors (blue on white) are very difficult to read.
  • Our notifications messages for success / errors are like a christmas tree: green, orange, blue, red on blue… and they pop up during 2 seconds only sometimes. You need to be a fast reader :slight_smile: Would be cool to standardize them.

@luisramos0 we don’t really have a product roadmap yet. The list we do at product curation is a short/mid-term list of priorities, which is far from a roadmap.

At last product meeting, we agreed we would use Invoices and consumer price comparison as a good first trial to take a design approach during inception. If I’m not mistaken @Mario said it would be something to check out.

I’m not sure it’s a great thing to make a list of UI things without a strategy to back them up. Also this post is public even for people not inside the roadmap. How can it be interpreted?

Just to be clear: I’m not saying we should have a Design roadmap. I’m just not sure we want to start it this way?


Hey @Rachel
I think the list in the product meetings notes qualifies as a roadmap. It covers a lot of what we will do in 2021.

Maybe we need a new category in Discourse? “Design”?

I think this post is very useful info for a new designer that is starting with OFN. Specailly as it includes future stuff not in the short-mid term product list.
From the outside, I think it’s also a good answer to the question: “what is OFN up to in terms of up coming design work?”

I think this is really up to the “design team” (omg, we have a design team!) to do whatever they like. Please feel free to move around, change, delete or archive this :heart_eyes:

Yes I do agree that the outside needs it. It is just that currently reading that post does not give this answer.

I’m unsure what is expected here: that I add my wishlist just as you and Lynne did?

The point is more about giving the ‘design team’ an overview of the kinds of design tasks we’re thinking about in the near future. We don’t have a roadmap but we have some ideas in our heads. The conversation came out of thinking about what we need for the 2nd designer or FE dev or whatever we are recruiting :sweat_smile:

So yes please, the priorities from the top of your head will be useful context.

@Rachel it’s not exactly “my wishlist”, it’s the things you think will be priorities at some point.

What if you merge the so called Luis’ and Lynne’ lists above and add some points you think are interesting for designers to know about?