Hub can easily generate accurate packing slips


If the OC has closed, you can still edit an order - but only variants that were in that OC show up as options to add in the dropdown on the order edit page. The ‘status’ of the order (eg. pending…) doesn’t seem to matter - still only variants from that OC show up. I try to add a new product and place it in a new OC - but still it does not show up in the dropdown - because it was not a product in the OC that the order came from.

So packing usually happens AFTER the OC is closed. I want to add a different product - that was NOT in the OC - to an order. I want this change to be reflected on either the invoice or the pack by customer report so I can generate up-to-date- packing slips. But - whenever the variant was NOT in the Order Cycle - my only option is to hand write the change on a printed slip.


@tschumilas I was not clear, I said you can go to the closed OC (not the order) and modify the OC, so add in incoming and outgoing the product you need to update some orders of this past OC (with replacement products for instance). And THEN you can edit the order.


AH… OK I see what you mean. So to edit an order and add a new product that a producer delivered to the hub, I would enter that product, go into the closed OC, select the product - and then it will show up in the dropdown on the edit order page. I understand. (But still - a lot of work - which is why we need new processes for delivery notes … )


The other, hacky, option would be to change the affected product in the CSV before uploading it to create the labels. The major negative there is it would not reflect anywhere within OFN … but it would solve writing it in by hand on the packing slips. Not ideal either way, but it is an option.


yes - that’s what we’ve been doing. But the nicer thing about changing it in OFN as @MyriamBoure suggests is that then everything re-calculates (taxes, fees if they are attached to specific products, ) and when you work with total sales kinds of reports in the back end, everything is correct.


In the UK I have gotten around some of these problems by using Google Scripts to generate the packing file a user needs. Currently I have done this for one paying user and another is interested in the format.
Here is an example of the format:
Tamar Automated PackingEg.xlsx (12.0 KB)


this is great @lin_d_hop. Am I able to link to the script so I can upload a file and try it out?
The nice thing about what @CLFC did - is that the output (in PDF) has 2 sections. The first section lists ALL the orders in that cycle by supplier. The second section lists the orders for each buyer (as your’s does). So - what we’ve been doing - for each different drop spot/distributor - the first volunteer takes a little cart, visits each supplier’s pile of goods, and puts the aggregated orders onto the cart. Then a second volunteers fills each buyers orders from the cart. We do this because in this particular hub - MOST buyers pick up and select their own order - so basically we create a mini hub in the big hub for delivered orders.
It works - thanks to you both for all this - BUT our problem is that - if something is not available (which is always the case) - we refund by putting cash into the delivered box (because other refunding in OFN is overly cumbersome). So - to do that, we still need a copy of either the order confirmation or the invoice - so we can easily see the shop price of the item. So - I think once we have supplier name on the invoice - we’ll pack using invoices anyway.
Is there any way that the shop price for an item can be pulled onto these scripts easily? (Otherwise we use invoices and wait until we get ‘proper’ packing slips done)
And I’m curious about your ‘picked’ and ‘double checked’ columns - love to hear your process.
the hub I’m working with wonders if we can print these slips with a highlight or bold or colour… anytime quantity is greater than 1. Because this is where the packers ususally screw up.
BIG thanks - and glad to know others are trying to improve the packing stuff. Its a big turnoff for hubs here.