Delivery Circle Meeting - 25 Jan 2022

Continuing the discussion from Delivery Circle Meeting - January 18th:

Facilitation: Rachel
Notes: Kirsten
Team: Filipe, Lynne, JB, Nihal, Maikel, Rachel

Board overview

People status

  • Split checkout: Terms and Conditions allocated to @Matt-Yorkley. #8758 is in test-ready again after quick turnaround. We really want to try and finish issues in Code Review so that we can start testing with users. @Rachel to lead this, doing some tests with users first and then advise on how others can do
  • stripe connect removal is in test ready - yay! thanks @maikel
  • @maikel moving next to #6347 to finish migration of paperclip to ActiveStorage.
  • @maikel checking S2s - to spend timeboxed time - if we can’t reproduce them we should close rather than leaving sitting
  • #8770 likely to have more and more Safari issues, which is bummer because highest use mobile browser in UK and AU - we have to chose whether we’re going to try and manage, or discourage people from using Safari
  • @apricot12 not blocked, just working through things. Sounds like mostly done. will pick up Papercuts, S3s or reasonable Tech Debt to pick up
  • @jibees a bit blocked on #8756, talking to @paco this morning. #8766 finally in Code Review. So then I could start on #8540
  • Have started to talk about BackOffice uplift - see #7198

Funded features

  • Split name column (first name and last name) issue: #8763 now in Code Review
  • OIDC now moving to @Matt-Yorkley after Split Checkout. Please use ‘DFC - Authentification’ project in Clockify to track time against this
  • Customer endpoint on the API, blocked by #8763. Once #8763 is done, then there are two more issues in Wishlist, not sure they are in Issues. Likely another 3 days of work to get it done and in use. Likely @maikel to pick this up after #6347

Queue is here


Everyone has selected new papercuts


Testing Applicants

  • Got 4 good applicants
  • Creating a temp channel with delivery-circle members to discuss and decide


No decision is a decision. We are not using Tailwind

Delivery team code of conduct

See the document
Put the document in the document where we onboard new person.

Next week’s facilitator is @jibees !! Thanks :slight_smile:

Upcoming Priorities

  1. After Split Checkout Matt to invest the time in OIDC dev test and also writing a skeleton of unit tests for Paco/Garethe to finish.
  2. After Stripe Connect Maikel to to finish Customers endpoint (ideally with #8763 finished, or using PR / code review as base).
  3. After Split Checkout JB is on Backoffice UI uplift with Nihal
  4. Then Matt to finish Tax Reports
  5. And then Maikel to the unfinished Active Storage work

Then we focus on some Platform clean up work…

  1. Matt to focus on Spree tidy up - cleaning up the legacy Spree mess
  2. JB and Matt make a plan for getting rid of angular completely, and then do it!