Delivery Circle Meeting - January 18th

Facilitation: Rachel
Notes: JB
Team: Filipe, Matt, Lynne, JB, Nihal, Maikel, Rachel

Board overview

People status

  • Split checkout: lots of things got merged, some others on code review (@Matt-Yorkley @jibees)
  • @maikel on to of code review, and then on stripe connect removal
  • @apricot12 is on a S3 (#8689, crediting a transaction fee), and starts to remove some N+1 queries. Will publish a draft and @Matt-Yorkley will look at it.
  • Testing is fine with @filipefurtado

Funded features

  • Split name column (first name and last name) issue: @paco will start to look at it.


Will be selected this week.


Branch creation

On the direct repo (ie. upstream) or create a fork? We don’t have any strong rule for now.

Pro fork
  • Upstream can become a bit messy when 6/7 developers starts to push (name conflict, … ).
  • Easier to fix/clean
Pro upstream
  • (note: for now only available for core developers)
  • Simpler when working together on the same branch (but can also be done with fork too).

Keeping motivation on the team, and trying to build a stable team.

Filippe has the power to merge PRs :wink:

It’s a great.
Discussion about PRs opened onto another PRs/branches (github behavior is pretty weird but this case is not so used).
Possible conflicts during merge: developper don’t do another checks, so don’t worry.

Delivery team code of conduct

See the document: Delivery Team - Responsibilities - Google Docs
Nothing more to share for now. Put the document in the document where we onboard new person.

How we are going to work the next months?

See comment: Delivery circle meeting notes - January 11th - #2 by lin_d_hop
Is everyone one happy with that? Seems too.