Delivery circle meeting notes - January 11th

Facilitation: Rachel
Notes: Filipe
Team: Filipe, Matt, Lynne, JB, Nihal, Maikel, Rachel

Board overview:

People status:

  • @jibees Not blocked, working on testing and some minor bits on the Split Checkout. BOM issue done for now #8565.

  • Split Checkout T&Cs #8653 - @Matt-Yorkley issue is pretty much done

  • Discussion on when to “release” the Split Checkout feature:

    • Agreed on calculated risk: “releasing” to a restricted number of production users after this has been tested on a staging server.
    • Tests can be added during that time, and should not block process.
    • Split checkout issues have been moved to the top on code review :+1:
  • @achauve: to the group’s understanding #7767 - VCR Stripe Testing PR is on hold. Could you confirm?

  • @apricot12 : Finished some issues recently. Currently blocked #8489 (#8689); Will pick up some tests or open tech-debt issues which feel are doable.

    • some thoughts: nobody should be stuck at something for more that 2hrs, a possible way around is to submit draft PRs and get feedback.
  • @Matt-Yorkley : Update on OFN Install #775 - NZ is still not on the development sys-admin pool due to lacking server upgrade, this a fair amount of work, mostly because due to DB migrations, but also Ruby version changes, (and tons of stuff). @lin_d_hop will follow-up with Bernie on this.

  • @filipefurtado : Working on split-checkout testing and manual testing / recruitment.

  • @maikel : catching up, did code review and will work on removing stripe Connect (step 1 is done and merged! :tada: )

    • Thoughts around the current StripeSCA S2s: #8666 could fix them but is most likely to simplify debugging. These bugs were not easy to reproduce this in testing, write a spec. @maikel will timebox the work on these.


Too many things going on: no time left for discussion - but this reflects higher attendance of people in the meeting :+1:


Heya crew,

I wanted to put for a little proposal for Delivery strategy for upcoming 3-6 months:

  1. After Split Checkout Matt to invest the time in OIDC dev test and also writing a skeleton of unit tests for Paco/Garethe to finish.
  2. After Stripe Connect Maikel to the unfinished Active Storage work.
  3. After Split Checkout JB is on Backoffice UI uplift with Nihal
  4. Then Matt to finish Tax Reports
  5. And then Maikel to finish Customers endpoint

Then we focus on some Platform clean up work…

  1. Matt to focus on Spree tidy up - cleaning up the legacy Spree mess
  2. JB and Matt make a plan for getting rid of angular completely, and then do it!

Simultaneously, Maikel continues in his excellent supporting roles and focussing on being a dad. Team focuses on recruiting, creating lots of small issues and papercuts. Alongside everyone is welcome to pick up smaller issues (tech debt and papercuts) that deliver real value and keep users and support teams happy (which is so important!)

Sharing here now but perhaps we can talk about it next Delivery Circle?