Tailwind, 5 months after: review, pros and cons. What should we do?

On 6 Jul 2021 we decided to go through Tailwind after a lot of discussion (see notes). We also decided to re-question around decision few months later in order to be sure that this is really a good solution. The aim of this topic is to have a place in order to discuss about this choice, and then everyone can write its own opinion on the choice we did.

Here’s mine:
Although I’m always a big fan of tailwind (I used it with success in some others projects), I must admit that now I’ve changed my mind, for some reasons:

  • Using tailwind in a big existing project is maybe a bad idea. Tailwind is very powerful if you use it as a standalone CSS framework, but when it’s intricated around lots of existing CSS files I can see it less efficient.
  • I see Tailwind as a CSS framework made for the “component js world”, and is very powerful with a lot of tools when you’re using it in such a context. I can see that using it in a Rails environnement is more painful (less documentations, less users, less tools, …). I had a lot of difficulties to integrate it to your environnement (although it’s a five minutes job normally), and I guess it’s not normal.

Very happy to hear your thoughts on it.


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I don’t have much to add. I didn’t work with Tailwind in this time and therefore I don’t know how easy it is to use. I just observed that pull requests were hanging around for a while because the integration didn’t seem that easy.

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