What's New? - v.1.8.8 (160317)

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Released on: 17th March 2017

Continuing the discussion from V.1.8.7 release notes.

##For Super-Admin

  • An ‘agree to Terms of Service’ checkbox has been added to the enterprise registration wizard. G#1211
  • Internationalization of the invoice and tax report so that it can now include multiple tax rates and a breakdown by rate. Note, the new invoice is attached to a feature toggle that superadmin can turn on. It was designed for the French tax context, so it’s not recommend that other instances switch the invoice toggle on. G#1374 G#1194 G#1195
  • Google maps API Key warning has been corrected G#1022

##For Customers

##For Enterprises

  • When an enterprise makes changes in the manage my enterprise form, they will be alerted before they leave the form if they have unsaved changes. G#420
  • A dropdown ‘enterprise selection’ menu has been added to the ‘manage my enterprise’ page, so that owners of multiple enterprises can quickly switch between enterprises G#421
  • Point of Sale receipts can be printed with ESC-P thermic printers via a Qz integration. #1459 G#1207


  • When an enterprise manager is deleted, the form now recognises that a change has been made, and the ‘update’ button becomes clickable. G#1119
  • A bug which saved new products set to ‘on demand’ with an on-hand value of 0 has been corrected. The new products now save correctly with an ‘on demand’ state. G#1420
  • The user experience for enterprise users editing a product’s on hand/on demand status was confusing, as a user could save an on hand value and select on demand. Now the user selects either (not both) of these options. G#1228
  • The less frequently accessed ‘users’ tab has been relocated to the bottom of the Manage my enterprise menu. G#390
  • New enterprises registering in the registration wizard can now upload their logo and banner image with the drag and drop uploader, which was previously not working. G#1214
  • The PinPayments payment option was previously not allowing checkout, this has been fixed #1256


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