What’s New? - v.1.8.9 (160405)

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Released on: 5th April 2016

Continuing the discussion from v.1.8.8.

##For Super-Admin

  • There is now only one place to set the instance’s terms and conditions URL. These terms and conditions carry through to the footer, welcome emails and the /register wizard (if activated for the instance). PR#1501

##For Enterprises

  • Text formatting has been added to the product description field. It includes bold, italics and paragraphs. PR#1239
  • The properties ‘value’ field has been relabeled ‘description’ to make its purpose clearer to users. #522
  • The email contact field on profiles has been wideden to prevent wrapping of long email addresses. #1200
  • The new thermal printer option (toggled ON only in France) is now fully workable for non-super admin users G#1510

##Next Up

  • Stripe and Standing Orders