What’s New? - v.1.8.7 (161223)

Released on: 23rd December 2016

Continuing the discussion from v1.8.6

For Super-Admin


  • G#1267 - Bugherd has been removed from the Australian server. Others can do this in Admin>Configuration
  • G#1254, G#1336 Connect and Learn tabs won’t show in the mobile view on the UK serve after this release. The on/off toggle for the Connect and Learn feature now incorporates the mobile menu as well.

For Customers


  • G#1232 Variant names are now searchable in shops. Previously the search only looked at product names.

For Enterprises


  • G#1327 - The Wysiwyg used to write product descriptions and enterprise ‘about us’ text now correctly spaces new paragraphs. This will prevent users adding unnecessary blank lines.
  • G#1165 The ‘update’ button now becomes clickable after a Fee has been removed from an Order Cycle.
  • G#1188 The ‘contact’ link shown to customers trying to shop in ‘login required’ private shopfronts now works.
  • G#904 G#1325 The price column in BOM now displays the currency set in the instance’s configuration, rather than $.



  • G#1243 Translation updates for the UK and G#1231 some translation typo corrections.

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