USA Planning


Sigmund and I are working on the Stripe set up for OFN USA


OK the confirmation for the new Stripe account has finally come through but in order to activate the account I need some bank and social security details based in the USA. So is anyone in this group able to set this up for us? Here are the details I need

…or maybe it is best if one of you applies for the account in the first place? Here is the link - there is no cost involved


Jim is giving me access to his Stripe account today so we should have this set up soon


Sorry there is a delay on Slack set up. We need to fix this issue first


With big thanks to Ravi and Enrico we now have a plan to bring Ravi’s weights and measures changes into the common code base which can then be deployed to the public instance of OFN USA. The recording of our conversation is here.

At the 14’ point of the recording we discuss timings…it is difficult to specify when the changes will be deployed but it won’t be with the next release.


yay!! great news, thanks everyone :slight_smile:


this is great - can I just ask about the functionality here. I’m assuming that the weights and measures will be configured for the instance level? Or can a user (ie a food hub) decide whether they are using metric or imperial measures?


Highly unlikely that anyone in the US would use metric. Id Say.


I assumed it would be instance level, but don’t know


I just had a good zoom with @DavidNowacoski who is very keen to get OFN USA operational as soon as possible. In the short term he needs someone who can help with sys admin - deploying new releases, fixing caching issues, troubleshooting issues like the current non-delivery of automatic emails.

In the medium term David thinks he could get funding for this support and sys admin work, but first we need to prove that OFN is meeting the needs of small US farmers.

So in the short term it would be good to hear from any experienced OFN people who might be able to take on this work and have a quote from them for providing this service so that David and other OFN USA users can raise the necessary finance to pay for this service.

David is also looking for quotes for server fees. How much should he be budgeting for this?

Thanks for your help with this. Ping @Kirsten @danielle @lin_d_hop @MyriamBoure


I want to let you all know that OFN is having some interesting conversations with Local Orbit about working together. We have given @rbarreca superadmin access to the public OFN USA site so that he can familiarise himself with the configuration and I will invite him to join our zoom next Wednesday. Here are the agenda (please add) and joining instructions


That is very exciting to imagine the implications of this. I just finished eaves-dropping on the recording of your Wednesday conversation. I wonder if our super administration could post a notice or pop up on the USA site that has a message to the effect of “still in development, not all features are fully deployed but you are welcome to begin using the site or wait until we upgrade, if you want to be involved with launching the organization or sponsoring the upgrades contact…” something like that? Since it seems our construction phase is taking longer than expected. Eep! @jveilleux how did you go about finding the folks you hired to work on your code etc? Perhaps there is a resource we should know about for hiring help with the tech stuff that is beyond me. Also, I about going to the GOAT gathering, very excited and happy to help look for contributors or organizations to take us under their wings @lauriewayne, if there is any other messages you hope for me to convey, please comment here! Or reach out katthefarmer@gmail.Com @Kirsten @tschumilas @CynthiaReynolds @nick @MikeiLL @jveilleux


I switched out the main logo for a beta version:


This should lower people expectations of full functionality :wink:

I want to add the link to the mailchimp sign up, but I see this when I use the link not sure what the image URL field is for. @lauriewayne I would suggest that we refine the info being asked for to the bare bones basics (I have been working on GDPR regulations over here, learning a lot about private data rules, so we should only ask for what is pertinent (I would recommend skipping birthdate…)

@Kirsten We may want to consider creating an OFN USA page in the (coming soon) section of the site to give more information about the state of affairs, @tschumilas has done a great job with the Canadian page. We can then link that in the ABOUT link on the USA site.

ping @nick


Hi @CynthiaReynolds my bad!! I was too hasty when asking Mailchimp to generate the code. I have emailed you the more basic code. Maybe one day we can get it together to have a signup like the UK).

I love the page that @tschumilas has put together! I will work on a version for the US, borrowing heavily from this good work. Til that’s ready, the email link in the footer of the current site could go to "" now that we have that cool address. :slight_smile:


The email link at the bottom has been connected to that addy for a while now :wink: - those emails are now forwarded to yourself and @KatTheFarmer if I recall correctly. Are there any other email link areas that we are missing?


Yep, user error, I think. My PC’s browser didn’t want to open an email, so I right-clicked to open in a new tab and got the sweet error page. I checked on my phone and tablet, and both of those work perfectly.

I am not sure how I would send an email from the site my PC – I think it’s a gmail issue, since Chrome does nothing when I click and both Firefox and ie just open up a blank page. I’ll keep wondering about it and if you have any suggestions, please let me know. It seems like we will eventually get some gmail users, and some of them will also have this problem (unless we switch to a contact form). I guess the good part about me having an eye on “support-usa” is that it seems I will have come up with every simple mistake under the sun by the time we are live and I will actually know how to fix some of them!

Thank you for your patience!


let’s add this to our agenda for tomorrow :slight_smile:


[](http://Link to Proposed Goals and Roles for our USA Launch)

Hi Friends, in an effort to organize some thoughts and create space for new people to jump in to help I have created a spreadsheet with a proposed list of roles for our USA launch- some needs to be filled in because i dont necessarily know who is serving in what capacity and there may be some overlap- so please help craft this. Also if this is not something that is helpful at all please let me know.
I have also created (another tab in the same doc) a little worksheet about our goals- what we have accomplished so far- and what we are aiming for (more details needed over time) but this will also serve as a traceability excercize so we know who to contact about the email or the hosting or the SSL certificate for example (which is expired) Please add your thoughts as needed!! Thanks guys, We can talk about this at the next monthly meeting as well.To-do list - ROLES.pdf (57.3 KB)
To-do list - GOALS.pdf (64.4 KB)


thanks @KatTheFarmer these tune nicely with @MyriamBoure’s document here


This sounds cool @KatTheFarmer! It’s great to see things getting more organized in the US, and you taking this active leardship role like you do, participating to global hangout, etc. I’m really enthusiastic and hope you will attract the right people in your local community to work with you on all that, as it has already started :slight_smile: