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+Hi Nick- wanted to let you know im still working toward a firebase -angular4 and firebase-react modular solution. I have some new code that seems to do well as a starting point- I’m using for my public open source code repositories. Collaboration for the Colorado area welcomed, the US has a unique opportunty now that Door to Door organics just closed up shop. Vacancy in the market… :sunny:


Thanks @KatTheFarmer for emailing them. I have updated the table here


The email issue has now been sorted. Please let us know here or on Slack if you are still having problems receiving email confirmations


Hi @NorthernColorado thanks for the update Greg. Yes it would be good to look at how we can help in Colorado. Do you want to set up a test enterprise in Colorado here and see how it compares to your solution

Hubs managers can choose the adapted weight and measure units for their shops given their own local situation

Hi all - on the last OFN - US call we discussed the issue of adapting weights and measures for the US instance. Specifically, I said I thought it was possible for the US to use pounds, ounces… But we weren’t sure. So - I just came across this note from @sstead in regard to a recent release. Is this what you folks in the US need? @CynthiaReynolds @nick @KatTheFarmer @jveilleux
What’s New? - v.1.8.1 (160618)


Thanks @tschumilas for finding this.
@sstead @pmackay (I saw you both on this github issue… any idea as to how we implement this on the US instance? Does it directly co-relate to locale automatically bringing in the correct weights and measures?


That issue G#1018 leads further to a heap of PR’s and issues concerning localization of weight label. This could be the right time to try and cleanup all these :slight_smile:

The first thing we could do as stakeholders is to add our github label to each of those PR’s and issues. @KatTheFarmer I added a us label for you. I can add it to each related issue if you don’t have the rights yet.

The next thing would be to fund the development of it. Maybe we could squeeze this through OFN CC funds @Kirsten? :slight_smile:


@MikeiLL I see that you did some work on this issue - thank you. Do you have any suggestions for moving it forward? It looks like it has been merged. Is this just a Transifex translation issue? Thanks


Thanks all that was so quick!


@jveilleux you mentioned on one of the calls that you did some work to get your white-labelled version to use the correct weights and measures, any chance you can help us out on the OFN US server?


Looks like our monthly meeting is planned for today 10-11am EST at
Hope you can join us.


Hey all, congratulations on launching the OFN US instance. I’ve been playing around with setting up a store for the farm; there’s a couple of big ticket items some of our folks here are going to need to give up Shopify/Wix and are probably worthy of adding to the backlog:

  • Integration with Square or Stripe for payments

  • Real time shipping from USPS at a minimum

  • U.S. measures for product (i.e. pounds)

The site looks great and I’m loving the concept. Please keep up the great work!


Very much agreed about the Square integration, that would be huge for the US producers already online with that technology and not wanting to jump ship and re learn too much at once!


Hi @SylvanaquaFarms we have already integrated Stripe - details here. Do we need Square as well?

We are also very close to having US measures (pounds, pints, etc) integrated.


Hey Nick, I checked the user manual link you sent but I don’t see the Connect with Stripe button anywhere.


It has to be setup on the instance first, like this


@CynthiaReynolds do you have time to set Stripe up please? If not I can have a go later this week. thanks :slight_smile:


@nick I am up to my eyebrows right now with the EU H2020 funding application - will not be able to do it before mid-feb. @sigmundpetersen any chance you might have some time?


Yes I’ve done it on Norway instance. Would need admin rights to do it and API details of OFN US Stripe account.


Thanks @sigmundpetersen I can give you access rights, but there is no USA Stripe account set up as far as I know… suggestions?