USA Planning


Thanks for that info. Still hard to find concrete numbers and involvement for those organizations who may want to provide hosting for the long term. Good to know that 400 is maybe the cap?


In Canada we use digital ocean - usually under $30 Canadian per month - but of course that is just hosting - no people costs in that. You need to think ahead to have someone who can solve glitches (happen from time to time), push through upgrades… Might be an idea to see if the AUS team would be able to set up a contract with whoever hosts in the US initially for a year of those services? @Kirsten ?? Then there are some clear budget figures to use when discussing with potential umbrella organizations who might take this on. In Canada, we registered a new not-for-profit because we couldn’t find an existing food sovereignty related organizatino who wanted to do this - so thats an option too. We can talk more about what to expect re: time and money investment on the call if you like.


Here is a shared doc that we can use to explore hosting options. It also has a draft intro about OFN. Please all make any changes/updates it needs


Big thanks to Cynthia for setting up the OFN USA zoom today and for making the recording of the call and the copy of all the useful links and suggestions that everyone put up - links to both are in the agenda here


Yes, great to talk to you all today - even though my phone was overheating and kept kicking me off!
I look forward to seeing the template for the grant proposals you had mentioned today. And I am happy to utilize my time working on OFN stuff as it is the slow season for me. I can work on inputting my list of organizations to appeal to for hosting support into a google doc for you all to look at. I am so excited. Lets not lose momentum- if there is a better way to be in touch with each other just let me know otherwise lets keep this conversation moving.


Agree, today’s talk was a good start :slight_smile: Let’s keep the ball rolling.
Here is the link to the global funding chart with tabs for regional specific solutions. Feel free to add to it.
As mentioned in the call, we have quite a strong set of resources available to build funding applications based on past and current ones, so there is no need to start from scratch :wink:

@KatTheFarmer I increased the number of enterprises that you are able to create on the USA instance, so you will be able to play with more functionality and see how enterprises can connect via hubs

If you need any help, ping me on slack… I am usually not far away :wink:


If anyone wants to be a manager of the OFN UK demo hub, please signup here and then put a note up here to ask me to give you manager access


I’m sorry I had to miss the call yesterday - misbehaving pigs were the cause as they are almost always. Looking forward to participating more in the discussions about OFN USA; I’ve got a hub of farmers that are very excited about the possibilities!


Please forgive my ignorance on this question; I haven’t had time to closely examine OFN’s licensing and deployment model.

Is OFN looking to stand up a ‘national’ instance for the USA? My cursory understanding was that independent hubs (or collectives of farmers and suppliers) would be able to deploy standalone instances; making OFN distributed and decentralized, and allowing individual collectives to customize the software to their needs.

Perhaps I misunderstood?


Interesting, thanks for enabling that! I’ll see what that allows me. BTW Still no luck with the email confirmation. Does anyone else out in the slack universe know why the system wouldn’t have sent out an email confirmation despite saying (email sent!) On the dashboard page? Someone named @sigmundpetersen was mentioned in the group discussion on zoom yesterday. Perhaps he has clues?
Also would it be annoying for me to send you a list of edits for the site to make it more ‘american’ by taking out ‘neighbourhood’ ou words etc and links to Australia sites that may be confusing. I can list them here if that helps.
@CynthiaReynolds are you paid staff for ofn norway? Do they build in to your time mentorship for new projects like us? It’s fabulous how available you and @nick have been so far!

Floyd VA


Hey @KatTheFarmer, it’s me that Cynthia mentioned :slight_smile: I help out in Norway administering the server etc.
I had a quick chat with Cynthia re. emails in the deployment channel on Slack, but we should probably continue the discussion in the US channel?


@KatTheFarmer No, I am not paid staff, The work I am doing with OFN USA so far is voluntary.

We will have to set up a translation for the US instance on Transifex for a multitude of reasons. We can add you as ‘translator’ which will allow you to Americanise the language.
@sigmundpetersen I think you have access to do that, am I correct?
EDIT: looks like the American language is already set up


Yep everyone wanting to translate can join here

“American English” (en_US) is already translated at ~40% so just click the language and hit Translate!
(And come back here and ask if something is unclear) :slight_smile:


@KatTheFarmer What is seen on the platform comes from a variety of sources:

  • Some are in the code
  • others based on translations at Transifex - each instance has its own version
  • and yet other parts come from ‘content’ within each platforms Admin Configuration accessible to Super Admins. In there, some areas are very intuitive, other areas require some html coding. and some areas are in the please do not touch unless you really know what you are doing zone :scream:
    If you want to dive in, the very best source of information will be to read the User Guide which has recently been moved to GitBooks thanks to the amazing efforts of @simoneluijckx - another OFN Volunteer :wink:


One possibility here - If I, as super-admin, change the password for the email account that notifications come from (ie the email ‘sender’ set up at configuration), the system has a lag in recognizing the change, and it doesn’t seem to always recover properly. Twice so far - each time I changed the password for the sending email address, Maikel (who is the developer who maintains the Canadian OFN server for us) has had to manual re-send messages to ‘clear’ things. Then its OK. He told me its a glitch that he has made a github issue for. So @CynthiaReynolds - do you know anything/experience anything about this? Might a password change have caused this problem for the US instance? (It has actually just happned here in Canada again - I changed my password, and no none of our hubs are getting notifications )


I am not sure @tschumilas as I use a different super admin login than the ‘email sender’ -nobody logs in on that email. It might be wise to set up another account for your regular SuperAdmin work and just leave the sender account inactive per se, that should resolve the problem of changing passwords.

I also have different ‘user’ accounts, such that I can work as either SAdmin or User level in different browsers at the same time. Nice to be able to find OCs etc without seeing the entire system via admin. :wink:


Yes I see what you mean. So - can I get your advice? I think you use a super admin login that is ONLY for OFN admin stuff, and that is the email that sends notifications. Do I understand you correctly? And then you don’t need to change that password frequently (which I do for my gmail account because I use it for lots of other things too.) So - for ex - I could use “” as the sender email and super admin login? (that’s the same email that any general requests to the Canadian instance go to.). ??


Hi @SylvanaquaFarms OFN encourages independent hubs, collectives and independent farmers all to use one instance of OFN. This enables them to trade direct with shoppers and buyers AND if they choose to they can then set up enterprise relationships with anyone else using that instance.

However, if they prefer to operate independently they can set up a group within the OFN instance.

The risk of setting up separate instances is that you will find it difficult in future to set up trading or distribution links with enterprises in other instances.

Of course you are free to deploy OFN however you like :slight_smile:

Let us know if you want to explore ths more.


@tschumilas the email address used to send email does not need to be the same as the Surper Admin login. So you can create a seperate email address as your login, and you should be able to switch passwords as often as you wish without issues. The email “sender” can be a completely unrelated email address that is simply plugged into the Super Admin> Configuration> Email methods> production>edit
ours is set to no-reply@…

hope this helps!
EDIT: we should move this part of the discussion to Super Admin category or take it up on slack :wink: as it is loosing significance to the USA planning


Hi All, I have sent preliminary emails to potential host organizations including:
Stone Barns Center
Wholesome Wave
Leopold Center
The Food Trust
There may also be some opportunities through research grants like SARE, which if I have the time I may be able to look into.

Also, @CynthiaReynolds I will let you know when that email bug seems to be worked out on my end. Ill keep checking.