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Prioritising Items into the Product Development Backlog

Every quarter the Product Curation Team will meet to review the next highest priority Icebox Items, and determine which ones will go into the Product Development Backlog.

Product Curation Team:

This team is made up of 2 x Product Representatives and 2 x Technical Representatives from the global community. The plan is for those representatives to be rotated across the global lead product and development people, once the process has been bedded down.

Current team: Myriam (@MyriamBoure) Enrico (@enricostn) Kirsten (@Kirsten) Rob (@oeoeaio)

Meeting process

1. Review results from this quarter
Discussion on how we did in delivering on the items that were prioritised for the quarter, and what lessons we can take into setting the next round.

–> This can be viewed on Milanote (Details to access this are on the product-curation channel in Slack)

2. Determine what gets rolled over to next quarter
Review the items still in play, determine if they will be rolled into Q2 and how much work remains.

–> This can be viewed on Milanote (Details to access this are on the product-curation channel in Slack)

3. Consider any new opportunities or priorities to add to roadmap
Pitch any icebox items and/or funding opportunities for inclusion in one of the 4 streams in roadmap, group approve/reject.

–> These can be viewed in the Icebox category + roadmap spreadsheet (accessible also via the product-curation channel in Slack)

4. Prioritise items from the roadmap into the next quarter
Determine what can realistically be focused on in the next quarter, and add any new roadmap items alongside of the rolled over items.

Assign owners of these items, who’s responsibility it is to ensure work kicks off on getting the item ready for the delivery train (or done, if it’s not platform related).

Confirm funding bucket for this work in the next quarter reflects size of pipe.

–> This can be viewed on Milanote (Details to access this are on the product-curation channel in Slack)

5. Set date for next Product Curation Group session
Determine when the next catch up will be for Q3 curation (and whether we need to catch up only once a quarter, or monthly)

–> Facilitator to then create meeting invite for next quarter participants

6. Retro on this process (post-meeting)
Request for 1-2 sentences on how the team found the curation session + suggestion for how to improve the next one.

–> This will be done in the Slack product-curation channel.

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Awesome ! In point 3 @danielle I think we are forgetting the stage where we ask the community what is most important for them (dot voting) because that is an indication also for the curation team to take into account. Can be another point between 2 and 3 actually :slight_smile:

It’s definitely not forgotten @MyriamBoure, it just happens before this step. This is where we gather as a curation group and select, using the votes people have added in your spreadsheet as a data point. But they don’t vote during this step, thus it’s not on this page.

The voting process is currently written up on this page, so you’ll need to delete that content and link to the new voting process page you added Myriam. Then it’s all connected and good to go :smile:

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