Roadmap 2018

At the end of the Aus international gathering Dec 17, we came up with a general roadmap for 2018 that we still need to agree upon with the affiliates that were not here (@tschumilas you left before we did that, @CynthiaReynolds @NickWeir (even if @lin_d_hop was part of it ;-)))

Also we shared the need to have one broad and general version that we can easily share, but also one more detailed that we can use for the discussions with our users, so that they know that even if we didn’t prioritize in 2018 the answer to their specific need, we heard it, and we plan to work on it, but later, and can’t say when :scream:

As a base for dicussion for our next global hangout, here are two “representations” of the roadmap I’ve been working on:

1- A “general view” one
Super easy:
We can use it to discuss about how we prioritize one over the other in the curation team for instance. Or share it publicly on our website.

Update: we droped the Trello option and selected a more adapted tool called MILANOTE. You can see what it looks like with this link: (you can click on the 4 color buttons to get a more detailed roadmap on each point).

2- A spreadsheet one
More complex: (sse first tab “full version”)

  • My point was very selfish: I needed a tool to show Alterconso, and other French users, that we have heard what they need, but also help them understand why we can’t prioritize their need at the moment.
  • You can filter by “2018” to see only this year roadmap.
  • I have not finished (at all!) but I have created some missing wishlists and icebox items to list them in the document, so basically this document is also for me management tool to curate the messy wishlist and icebox discourse categories :slight_smile: It avoids things that are importants for our users to be lost and forgot in the middle of the jungle…
  • We could even potentially use it for voting on the next priorities if that’s easier than discourse.

Uupdate: we keep it for detailed discussions and priorization

What we need

To kickstart the official rolling of the 2018 roadmap we need to:

  • make sure we all agree on the big priorities for 2018
  • organize a first kickstarting cession with the curation team (see “end to end process overview”, “prioritizing the most important items”). This team will be changing every 2-3 months (not yet documented properly, WIP) and we proposed to start with @Kirsten @enricostn @oeoeaio and me.
    In that session we will take the roadmap priorities for 2018, order them in the most logical way and kickstart brainstorming about features candidates for the first items we want to launch.

Let’s discuss, clarify and agree at the next gobal hangout on 14th February!


Myriam: maybe for all of you that gathered in Dec this and trello information is clear.
For me, that I am trying to work within the OFN community, it is not very clear. For me it should be a person in charge for each topic. This person in charge should make a description of the work required. Task needed, resources needed. People needed, Totals hours of work estimated… Have gotten the resources to achieve the metrics??
Maybe describe it in some way that make very easy for other people to participate in the specific required work .
I would love to read this Roadmap 2018 and be able to understand where is the OFN international community going, where I could help and how ¨it will look¨ the OFN platform by the end of the year.

Thanks @MyriamBoure I am happy with this roadmap and the process you propose. I am happy to get involved more if you need me to. Great work everyone :slight_smile: