Product Circle - 4th January

Continuing the discussion from Product circle - December 14th 2022:

Rachel isn’t coming to Aus :frowning: But we’ll find a way to check in and co-work :slight_smile:


  • Discussion on putting reports into a background job. We need to be super careful that we are creating UX improvements. This might be the time to create in app notifications
  • Other reports work needs to be parked for now. The scope continues to creep when looking at this so time to park it again for later.


  • Gaetan is looking at remuneration
  • The conversation about pay rates is ongoing
  • A couple of other potential devs in the ecosystem

Design pipe

  • Split checkout redesigns are moving forward. Just waiting on Order Summary. Figma files have been copied and waiting on some access from Mario?
  • Vouchers. Some wireframes have been done. Jess has come up with an elegant solution to be designed like Backoffice uplift. This does need to be done in the next year so important to get it moving. Potentially Lynne can create issues while Kirsten is away.
  • Lynne and Jess chatted about Direct LInks to Products. Need to figure out if we want to increase the scope for the additional tasks from Jess - @Rachel and @Kirsten I forget to mention this in the meeting. Originally 3 days Jess’s suggestions increase by 1 day.

Next Up Road Map

  • Lots is happening on products - DFC, API, backoffice uplift, model refactor. We need to make sure we schedule these in a way that does conflict. Ongoing conversation.
  • Vouchers - need to keep to min viable. Likely the best way to do this will be using calculators and we’ll be adding functionality bit by bit from min viable. Once we have the designs shared we need to have an exploratory session to decide the original scope.