Product Circle - 1 Mar 23

Continuing the discussion from Product Circle 4th Jan 23

Adjustments to Product Process

  • Jess - support with on-boarding to global processes. Possible re-establishment of design circle now that @Mario is back
  • Product roadmap planning / agreement session, that takes into account known funded features, design requirements etc. This will happen in next Product Circle, extended session, will report back
  • @Kirsten to check on #instance-managers whether there are expectations / things people have funded are expecting to be able to get through the pipe this year
  • Have moved Product circle to be same night as Delivery Circle, increasing chances of Kirsten being able to attend, so that we can have 2 product people when Rachel away (having baby :slight_smile: )
  • @lin_d_hop to post question into #design-circle about tools and design system - how can we actually keep track of and ensure access to our designs, across designers / time / tools. Global pot to pay for the Figma licence for now to keep unblocked, but keep an eye on ‘tool-creep’
  • Proposal to establish global ‘integrations pipe’ with @div-yansh-1 as lead person. @Kirsten to bring proposal to Stewardship Circle on 15th March. Likely to include setting something up as part of delivery circle

Feature Discussions

  • Split checkout - @Rachel and @lin_d_hop to discuss next week, work out best way to ‘pair’ with support teams to get movement in UK and FR
  • Features discussed at mini-gathering in Aus: product refactor; network; API; vouchers etc - notes to be linked here


  • Long discussion re. processes around this - impasse re. hiring until we get sorted. Is a process in place, aiming to make decisions next week