Delivery circle meeting - 28th February

The Delivery Pipe

Addressed 2 s2s :muscle:

And S3:

Worked on two reports blocked, but these are blocked #10304, requires feedback and a second thought.

Worked on Removing customer tag fails to save when using search bar for said tag #9553

And had a first look at #10135 - tax not charged at on enterprise fees.
@maikel mentions that there are reports that in some cases the tax is charged in the order total (because it is included) but not displayed.


No major updates, working on



  • looked at Rails upgrade, we’re getting pretty close - only some specs left. Posted on dev so others can contribute
  • DFC prototype get product description, almost ready for a quick test; aft that the test will be to import from DFC to OFN (prioritized)
  • background report: some issues still. There are already created issues for future work - picked up by a contributor
  • subs did on go through AU; related with to recycling order cycles → a good workaround would be to add a warning (we’ll need an issue for this); OC was probably not cloned, just the date was extended



  • Webhooks: Working on feedback from review, should be ready for second review this week
  • Node upgrade: I wasn’t able to install nodenv with Ansible yet. Tried a few pre-built roles from galaxy but they don’t seem to work. So I’ll probalby just build a custom role next. (Using the simple installation script, and adding a couple of lines to bash profile)
  • Clean up unused currency data #10333: I forgot about this and will revisit this week. I notice Ana did a similar cleanup of unused preference data so I might check that out too.
  • Reviews. I think some are still waiting on re-review from me which I’ll start on first tomorrow.


@Avi - We’re not sure if you’re coming back…

So, how to proceed with all the issues left open?
There are other PRs which are pretty much done, like #9630 - remove angular from business details - perhaps @jibees has room

@Mario is back :tada:
Sparked discussion around the used libraries here.

Update from product-circle:

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