Product circle - 14 December 2022

Continuing the discussion from Product circle - November 9th 2022:

Rachel may still be coming to Aus in Feb as well - likely / possible co-working extravaganzas week of 13 Feb and or 20 Feb

Design pipe

  • product modals funded feature - @lin_d_hop
  • style doc - @Rachel
  • tags on product uplift, and extend to including in tag rules - @Rachel
  • extension if that’s sorted, start learning Network 2.0 . . @Rachel @lin_d_hop can give links

@maikel work priorities clear upon return during quite xmas/new year period

  1. Product Refactor Spike - this then informs how we progress DFC Product and our own Product endpoint, as well as all Network work in 2023
    ?? Implement product refactor? or progress as is . .
  2. DFC is merged, but can only read and change product name. Now need to map the rest of the fields, and then need to do POST. @maikel to chat to @Rachel @lin_d_hop Garethe and Maxim when ready to start
  • Checking if ‘Maxim’ is going to have the Ruby library ready in December, so @maikel can use in Jan
  1. Performance is a bit stuck - really investigate the memory link, @abdellani has picked it up, maybe check in and support - both @dcook and @maikel to support as needed to try and get it done
  2. Supporting @abdellani on either tax reports or ‘history of invoice changes’ - whichever he is working on . . TBC
  3. All the things!!

Funded feature management / sheets - quick chat re. what’s there

Admin v2 styles

  • @Rachel demo’d yay
  • 3 PRs going through and then will be on feature toggle.
  • Propose release with Backoffice Uplift so can be communicated as “stand-by for a revolution in your admin experience” as opposed to “we changed the colours”

Reports work . .

  • @abdellani keen to move to tax report
  • @lin_d_hop will keep lining up more small reports things
  • noted interaction with products refactor