Order Confirmation page and email

Order Confirmation Email


Order Confirmation emails are sent from the email address provided by the Hub / Enterprise User

This email address is set in the Enterprise User profile page of the Hub through which the order is placed. When a new Enterprise User is set up, a confirmation email is sent to make sure the email is correct. The owner of that email needs to respond to confirm the contact email.

If a User has permission to manage other Enterprises, when they are setting up new Hubs they should be prompted (offered) existing email addresses (as it is quite likely that they would be managing multiple Hub outlets)

Order Confirmation page

  • Include all info on shipping method
  • include all info on payment method
  • ‘Shipping address’ change to ‘Pick-up from’ (include Hub name) or ‘Delivery to’
  • Payment info includes ‘title’, description info if available, and confirmation of ‘Paid’ if appropriate
  • add prominent contact info for Hub/Shop - confirm that any questions should be directed to them

Order Confirmation Email

  • Main branding is the Hub / shop
  • Include payment information when payment method is not Cheque and payment is complete e.g.
    Payment: [Payment Method Title]: Paid
    any [Description] if there is one
  • Bigger space than necessary under Collection / Shipping title
  • Include Collection / Delivery method title in title bar
  • OFN branding moves to bottom of email

##To Do

  • Resend email (from inside the order) currently not using the new template. Logged on Git
  • If the Contact email is not a Manager of the Enterprise, should make it one (so they can login to it) git - but how to deal with non-signed up user?

@summerscope here is summary of order confirmation stuff

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