Testing Order Confirmation

Continuing from Order Confirmation page and email

Testing instructions

So this branch had a bunch of related / interconnected changes. Below is a list of changes and the page types where you can see those changes. Hopefully this will make testing more holistic & easier to approach.

Product + variant names

  • I’ve changed the logic on this globally. The formula should now be:
  • Where product master & variant name are the same, display
    “Product name”
  • Where they are different, display “Product name -
    variant name”

Order confirmation changes

Applied to:

  • Checkout page
  • Order confirmation page
  • Order confirmation emails

See screen grabs attached to illustrate:

Test use-cases

Note please make sure you test different use cases for the whole shopping process, e.g.

  1. Product name with & without variants
  2. Collection & delivery options
  3. With and without user notes entered at checkout
  4. Various kinds of payment options e.g. cash, bpay, eftpos, credit card, etc…
  5. With and without fees applied (product and order level)

we would absolutely love for UK testers to give this a good workout!! @lynne @NickWeir @pmackay

OK we will add this to our UK testing plan which we will finalise on Tuesday @alexisG @Aidan