New funded feature - customer feedback form

Sole of Discretion now have some funding to pay for a customer feedback process which would involve an option for OFN to send an email to shoppers a few days after their order to check what they liked and didn’t like. Is anyone else interested in this? Any ideas of how it should work? Anyone else interested in chipping in towards the development of this? The bigger the budget the better the feature :wink:

@lin_d_hop has asked me to provide a starting spec for this. Please add any other suggestions. At this stage the budget for this is only UK£2,200 so I am going to try to keep the spec as basic as possible. But if anyone else has budget for this we could be more adventurous :slight_smile:

Sole of Discretion would like to be able to send an email to shoppers a few days after the order has been dispatched - almost all their orders go out by courier.

Shopfront manager needs to be able to download shopper details (minimum of first name and email address) of recent orders into a csv file. The manager needs to be able to select orders using a date range and/or an order cycle or series of order cycles (maybe using an interface like the one used for OFN reports currently). The csv file can then be imported into mailchimp where there could be a standard email containing a link to a google form survey doc which the shopper would complete.

Love this - again (feeling like a broken record here) I have no money to contribute. BUT as an extended thought (perhaps for when we a budget in Canada) this makes me think that we could give a think to a range of MailChimp documents that we share - this kind of feedback survey is great, but also maybe other campaigns for fund raising, friend raising, etc.

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hmmm, from a quick scan over this it sounds like you’re talking about building a report . . that’s not vastly dissimilar from the existing Customers report, perhaps with a couple more data points around date / order cycle etc (does that seem right @sstead?) Which really should not be that hard or need that much money. If there is money available, I wonder if it is worth actually looking at an API integration with mailchimp? I know that will be more complex, but if all the other work on building out the API happens perhaps this could be a contribution to connecting it to other services rather than just stand-alone websites? Any thoughts @oeoeaio @RohanM @maikel

@NickWeir I agree with Kirsten’s suggestion, there are a number of reports which would meet the basic needs already…Perhaps see if these would satisfy the user, or if they need a better, more user friendly solution?

  • The ‘Customers’ report contains names, and email addresses of customers. It can be filtered by a single order cycle, but not by date range.
  • The ‘OC customer totals’ report can be filtered by date ranges and multiple order cycles. When you open it in excel you’d just need to do Data > Remove Duplicates (applied to the Customer field) and you’d get a list of all customers with their email addresses.
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Great - thanks for these ideas. Yes if we can do a quick change that will give them what they need and then put the rest of the UK£2,200 into the API pot that makes sense. Ideally, for the quick fix they will need something that doesn’t require them to do Data > Remove Duplicates in Excel but maybe they could just use the ‘Customers’ report for now. I will do some experimenting with them and see if they can make do with what is there.

Thanks again for the suggestions

@NickWeir Let’s actually talk here about what the customer wants… not an interpretion into a spec just yet…

When you described it to me you spoke about this user wanting to be able to collect customer feedback, to gain a range of insights about what the customers did and did not like.

One way of doing this is to integrate with survey functionality, like a mailchimp integration combined with google forms.
Perhaps there are better survey integrations we could use?

Taking this half a step further I think we are starting to explore the much bigger issue around Customer Insights. And after using a range of online platforms recently I really see that this is a big thing that is missing from OFN and a REALLY big perk of the kind of system our users want (or at least I now know I do).

So from a UX perspective perhaps we could be looking at combining things like google analytics (see this thread) combined with customer emailing and custom surveys.

I don’t mean to blow the spec out of the water into a huge project… instead I want us to use these opportunities to really add value to OFN as a service, rather than just tack on small features here and there.

@MyriamBoure @Kirsten @serenity @NickWeir @danielle @oeoeaio @sstead

I dont know if anyone here has heard or used mautic it that could also be a good option.


Thanks @woakes070048!
I just spent half an hour looking at the Mautic API and potentially this is a perfect tool for us to integrate. It seems it might also help instances to open new revenue streams…

From my initial understandings the way this would work is that we set up an Mautic instance then integrate API calls into OFN that would give users access to Mautic functionality. We can’t have multiple distinct users on a single instance (so our users would not be able to access the interface, or if they did they could see all data from all users). However, we could integrate the API in a way that users to do specific actions… such as emailing a feedback form and looking at responses (I think) for example.

More investigations needed but the suns out and its Friiiiidaaaay.


@lin_d_hop if you wanted everyone to have there own instance it would be fairly simple for the deployment using docker. If no one has experience with it we would be more than willing to help and it would give another revenue stream for the org.

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@lin_d_hop and all, I think we should also investigate on the side of Odoo, which is the main open source CRM on the market… I think it could offer much more than just customer survey, also timekeeping tools (ping @Kirsten), acocunting tools, contact management, etc. And it could be integrated I think with specific session for every hub so they only see their data (that’s what I understood when I talked to them some time ago!)
And here is the post on surveys:

In France multiple grassroots organizations are joining forces to adapt lots of stuff on Odoo to suit their collective needs, there is a huge community around it.

More generally I think the need here can be connected to the “messaging in app” need : should we look at an integration with Mailchimp, but it will require the hub to learn how to use mailchimp and so on, or in-built an existing solution? The Food Assembly or Locavor in France, to big actors in our fields, have both in-built messaging app that makes life easier for the hub users… So what customers want ? That’s a good question @lin_d_hop :wink:

Also a complement feedback: there is a cooperative project in France who are building a food hub platform based on Odoo: (sorry in French!) I know the funder and will be happy to ask him any advice on how we could integrate Odoo and OFN if that makes sense…

@MyriamBoure I would suggest really looking at the odoo ERP. It looks great to start but is a pain to update. I deal with many manufacturing clients that are migrating away because of the updating process. Odoo is a great system other wise

I tend to agree with @woakes070048 about Odoo. The main issue that I see is that it tries to do too much and you end up depending on many modules that’s difficult to maintain. A bit of what happens with WordPress ecosystem.

One true thing though is that many communities use it. I would suggest a possible integration with Odoo to make it easy to access OFN data from Odoo. But for OFN features I wouldn’t rely on Odoo.

I don’t have an opinion about technologies for implementation, but can contribute some $$ if that’s helpful. We can chip in $1000 after some due diligence and understanding of the form and output. I think it would be awesome to show a star or thumb rating on a per-producer basis, although you may be thinking at the hub level.

My interest is in something pretty simple - much like Amazon does with product purchases - with a rollup at the producer level that’s visible to buyers when they are shopping. It sounds as though you may be planning something more flexible and elaborate, but as long as 1-2 “standard” can be included and the results incorporated back to the UI, I don’t see this in conflict.

Or alternately, we can wait until the feature is finished and see how to incorporate the results into a customer-facing rating later.

Let me know if this is consistent with your direction at all and if you can use the money in a way that’s a win-win.


Thanks @jveilleux yes it would be good to find a solution that works for us all. Our UK client user is very flexible about how the feedback process works so I am sure we can work it out. Also it would be good to talk to you sometime about farmers’ markets - we have several in the UK who want to use OFN.

If you want to talk live, I’m at +17045436613 or on skype at jveilleux.

I can be up early if you need to talk in the AM UK time or we can find mutual buisness hours. Let me know.

I drafted some requirements - perhaps a little sloppy, here:

These basically gather a star rating (1-5) and a text comment or review.

@NickWeir - if your funders want something more flexible and sophisticated, this can be expanded, but I’m playing off existing functionality from other services.

Also - as you will see, there’s an existing Spree extension that might be usable here, either once 2.0 is implemented or with some modifications to work with the existing OFN.

thanks Jim. this is looking good. i have added a couple of questions to the google doc

We are pulling together a list of standard questions that could be asked in every customer feedback - see Jim’s document above. My suggestion is that these could be editable at an instance level by superadmin. But in the meantime does anyone have any suggestions for standard questions? eg. ‘rate 1-5 your experience of the online shopfront’.
Here is the temporary questionnaire we have set up for one of the UK shopfronts