Hubs can communicate easily and through appropriate messages with their potential or existing customers

What is the need / problem ?

  • Today Mary can already download a csv file with their customers name, email, address, so she can already use that to send them messages
  • Mary doesn’t know who her customers are. The only thing she can do is tag them, but she can’t export those tag information and she can’t filter her customer list given those tags. So she needs a way to “segment” her customers to send them appropriate messages.
  • She also needs to be able to do that with potential customers, maybe people who registered to her private shop but never ordered.
  • Also today she manually has to export, then copy/paste or import that list in an external tool she uses to send messages (her mailbox, or mailchimp, or…) and it’s hard for her to follow up on which messages she sent to which customer.

Who does it impact ?

  • Mary and Shannon. Any hub who sells through OFN needs to be able to communicate with their customer, get feedback about the products they like more, etc.
  • Jane. She wants to receive appropriate messages that she really cares about.

What is the current impact of this problem?

  • Very low customer knowledge: Mary doesn’t know who her customer are, she cannot add any information about her customers on OFN, apart from their name, address and some tags.
  • Hard communication with customers: today when Mary wants to send an email to her customers she needs to export the CSV, then filter (if needs be) then import in the email tool she wants to use (like mailchimp)
  • Few segmentation possibility: today Mary cannot really segment her customers easily to send to each customer category all and only the information they need
  • No lead management: today Mary cannot enter any potential customer / lead and follow her relationship with them, send them appropriate message, etc.
  • Hubs can’t manage properly their customer and potential customer relationship, so they potentially loose customers

What will be the benefit of focussing on this?

  • Hub managers will be able to retain their existing customer and acquire new ones by sending them the information they need at the time they need them.
  • They will be able to do that easily, and time efficiently.

Links to more details?

Potential solutions & Value matrix

Outcome : our feature candidates

(CSV export of customer contact > we already have it)

  • Candidate 1: In the customer menu, ability to browse contacts, filter them, and copy-paste the selected contacts so that they can be integrated in an emailing tool.
  • Then for next step if not enough: in the same menu, add columns to the table with some key information (last purchase, total purchases, hubs notes about the customer, etc.) to improve the filtering and segmentation possibilities.

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