Google Analytics for individual shops

We have a hub here in Australia who is very keen to use the OFN, but a major sticking point for her is that without being able to setup Google Analytics for her individual shop, she’ll be limited in the kinds of digital marketing tools she can utilise.

Does anyone in the community have expertise/experience with GA, and have thoughts about how we could offer a workaround for this user? Would it be possible to configure the instance’s google analytics to track and report on a single shop? Could the user login and view data only relating to her shop? Or could this data be transfered to her periodically?

Alternatively, when embedded shopfronts is launched, will it be possible to setup Google Anallytics for the non OFN URL? Or will it still feed back to the instance’s GA?

And, of course, keen to gauge how much demand there is for shop level GA from other instances?

Thanks all! @danielle @robert @CynthiaReynolds @lin_d_hop

Sorry @sstead I don’t know enough about setting up Google Analytics to figure out how to do this…though

Wondering whether this question around technical implementation approach and therefore needs input from the devs in our world?

Ping @emak @pmackay @enricostn @paco @lin_d_hop @maikel @oeoeaio @RohanM @sigmundpetersen and anyone else who may have ideas?

I guess it would be a dev task to enable shops to set their own GA key. But that probably means that we (the instance admins) loose the data collected on the shop front. It will go only to the shop owner. I have never used GA and really don’t know much about it.

Not sure if this is of any value, but in the config as super admin, there is an option to hook up Jirafe Analytics, although I can’t seem to find them anywhere, and their website is not up. It looks like it is an analytics tool for individual merchants in a shared marketplace… would be nice if it worked

I would love to see GA integration on shop level. It is really lacking when you use OFN after using Facebook and mailchimp as part of the suite of online selling tools.

The UK is talking with a user about improving the customer feedback and contact tools in OFN, which in my mind falls into the same general work category… ‘Customer Insights’.