Multiple order management index (angularised)

Continuing the discussion from Single Order Management - wishlist:

High priority actions:

  • can search / filter for orders
  • can email or print single invoice
  • can email or print multiple invoices

A report may be an alternative way to generate invoices for printing, rather than tickbox selecting in the order index page.

@oeoeaio just pinging you to this new page as well

@lin_d_hop - I know you are super-busy right now, so wondering if this is something that we need to be planning for in aus pipeline as we’ve got quite a few things hanging off / waiting for it? Do you forsee any opportunity to do substantial work on it this year or in first two months of next year or very unlikely . . in which case we should be trying to work out if / who / how we get it done here?

Hiya @kirsten and aussies. Am I right in thinking this has been scheduled in Aus? I def don’t want you guys hanging around waiting for me!!

Hi @lin_d_hop! Yep, I’ll be doing this all next week. I’ll keep you posted how I am going. :smile:

The first chosen solution for the need “bulk printing” is being implemented at the moment (see Bulk invoice printing). The need has been captured in it, so when reviewing the job done we will see if the need if fully met.
I opened another wishlist for the “send invoices by email in bulk” need that is not covered in the feature being implemented.
The rest of the things seems that they have already been covered, so this wishlist can be closed and archived. It remains accessible through the two items above.
If another need remain another wishlist item can be open.