Mobile ready

What is the need / problem

In 2 words: Customers easily go through the whole placing order process on mobile

There are various UX issues on mobile/tablet navigation, so that makes ordering process a bit harder and not appealing on mobile devices. Today we can’t say we have an available “mobile ready” feature, so lots of things are dysfonctioning on mobile. The most pressing need is to make sure users can make an order on mobile. Instances gets lots of complains at the moment from users who don’t manage to order on mobile.

Who does it impact

All customers who want to buy from phone/tablet.

What is the current impact of this problem

Hubs might loose sales as it’s hard to order from mobile device. Customers get annoyed.

What is the benefit in focusing on this

Make customer ordering experience good and improve transformation rate for hubs

Potential solutions that will solve this problem

  • Review UX, solve responsiveness issues. First story will be to address checkout issues on mobile as shops are loosing sales because of that.

Value x ease analysis and selection of our feature candidate

Moblie “quick wins”?

T-shirt size of the selected feature candidate

L ?

Metrics to measure if need is well satisfied after feature has been implemented

A user can place an order through mobile. Instance doesn’t receive anymore any message from users who don’t manage to place an order on mobile.

Epic and/or project board where you can follow implementation

NB. Set Zenhub to match ‘any’ filter not ‘all’ as there are sub-epics

Communications and Designs

Slack channel: #mobile-ready

Google Presentation: OFN / Mobile UX - Google Slides

Zeplin: if you need to see and work with the final designs you have to be added. Contact @Kirsten

Connected wishlist and discovery discussions: