WIKI - ordered delivery backlog (pipe-ready and in delivery)

This is the single source of truth for the priority list of features ready to be put in the pipe AND already in the pipe. The idea is to reorder in real time things that are in the pipe. We might have started something, but something more prioritary is ready and we decide to pause the thing already started.

The list will be reviewed and updated regularly by the curation team and during delivery train touchpoints.

You can view the status of the features through the subcategory they are in.


In delivery
Spree Upgrade to v2.0
Updated T-shirt size: XL
Tech owners: Pau (@sauloperez) and Luis (@luisramos0)
Product owners: NA
Original wishlist and discovery topics:Ensure software and components we depend on are maintained

As a bonus with the Spree upgrade we will solve this problem: Hubs manages without friction shipping and payment methods and can grant permissions on them [to discuss, I don’t think it is in scope, will need to be prioritized afterwards]


In delivery, almost done
Standing Orders
Updated T-shirt size: M ?
Product owners: Myriam (@MyriamBoure) & Rachel (@Rachel)
Tech owners: TBD
Original wishlist and discovery topics: [Wishlist]


In delivery, first feature almost done
Product import
Product owner: Myriam (@MyriamBoure)
Tech owner: Matt (@Matt-Yorkley)
Original wishlist and discovery topics: [Wishlist]


In delivery
Enterprise Fee Summary Report
Product owners: Theresa (@tschumilas) and Kirsten (@Kirsten)
Tech owners: Maikel (@maikel) and Kristina (@kristinalim)
Original wishlist and discovery topics: Report that isolates various enterprise fees


In delivery
Mobile Quick Wins
Product owner: Kirsten (@Kirsten)
Tech owner: Kristina (@kristinalim)
Original wishlist and discovery topics: Enable better navigation and task completion when shopping on mobile devices


In delivery
Bulk Invoice Printing
Product owner: Rachel (@Rachel)
Tech owner: Matt (@Matt-Yorkley)
Original wishlist and discovery topics: Enable quicker packing and invoicing


Document current API
Updated T-shirt size: L
Product owner: Myriam (@MyriamBoure) ? Or TBD by curation team.
Tech owner: TBD by curation team (maybe @luisramos0?)
Original wishlist and discovery topics: see within feature description.


Next one ready or in the pipe ?



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