Managing Users (including Enterprise Users)

Managing Users

All Users are defined by a unique login email

Super-Admin Users

Super-Admin Users have the highest level of permission and acts as site administrator. They can view the entire back end of the OFN, manage both U2E and E2E relationships and view all enterprises.

  • The first super-admin user is set-up when deploying a new instance of OFN
  • There can be multiple SuperAdmins. To give a user SuperAdmin permission, click the Admin checkbox, when creating or editing a user. Do this with care!

Basic Users

Anyone can sign up as a User by signing-up / logging in from the front page. This will create a basic User, sufficient for anyone using the site to shop. It gives them an account that keeps track of their orders, accessible from the cog drop-down

A basic user can also be created by SuperAdmin

NB: When creating a new user, superadmin can set an ‘Enterprise Limit’ - this controls how many Enterprises this user is allowed to Own. Default is one (to limit spam enterprise creation), but it can be set to whatever you want.

Enterprise Users

Enterprise users have access to the admin interface to enable them to operate their enterprises. They can be either an Owner or a Manager of an Enterprise.


  • Each enterprise has one and only one Owner. This is the primary contact responsible for the enterprise. Owners can create and remove Managers.
  • An enterprise can have zero, one or more managers. Managers can’t affect other Managers
  • A user can manage one or more enterprises. The admin interfaces enable them to manage multiple enterprises without logging out and in.
  • By default a user can only own one enterprise, however this limit can be raised by a SuperAdmin (by editing the User).

Enterprise Owner

There are four ways to become an Enterprise Owner

  • If joining through the front end sign up process, found at, the User will automatically become the owner of the enterprise they create.
  • If a logged in Enterprise manager or Owner creates an Enterprise from admin, they will be the owner of that Enterprise
  • a User can be granted ‘ownership’ of an enterprise by a SuperAdmin . This can be done on the profile form of the enterprise or the enterprise index page (see below). Note, the new owner must be an existing user and manager of the Enterprise.
  • the Enterprise Owner can switch ownership to another Manager

Enterprise profile form

Enterprise index page (can only choose from existing managers)

Enterprise Manager

There are three ways to become an Enterprise Manager

  • super-admin can add enterprise managers via Users / Roles
  • an enterprise owner can create managers via the Enterprise Management dashboard, tab Users
  • when an enterprise owner sets a contact email for an enterprise, the email validation will turn that user into a Manager of that enterprise

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@sstead I think before, I could type en email of a non-user into the “add manager” field and if it was not recognized, a confirmation was sent to that person and an account created. But I don’t see that now, have we removed that possibility?
I am stuck with a simple issue : I want to add a manager to my hub, he has not yet an account. I can ask him to create an account, but as long as his email is not verified (so as long as he has not created himself an enterprise) I can’t see his email in the manager dropdown list. But I don’t want this manager to create an enterprise, I just want to add him as a manager…
How can I do ?

Hi @MyriamBoure, if you have a pre-existing enterprise, the way to add a new user as a manager is type their email in the ‘notifications’ field. This triggers an email confirmation to go to the new user. Once they confirm their email address, they’ll be added as a new user in the system, their email will be the enterprise’s notification email, and they’ll be added as a manager. You can then make them the owner if you wish.

@sstead thank you for your answer. Great to see that there seems to be a workaround, even if not the most intuitive :wink:
Two questions then:

1- What happens if the email is already used by a shopper? He has an account with this email, but as he was not associated with an enterprise his email has not been validated. Does the system create a new account for the user ? Or does it validate the existing email address and connect with the existing account ?

I did a test with this exact case and I got an error message when I clicked on the address confirmation link in the message…
This is a problem as this is the case here we are trying to solve…

2- We can only to do that one by one, and we have to wait that the person has confirmed before inviting another manager ? Isn’t it possible to invite multiple persons at once, like with “,” between email addresses ? I did a test but it doesn’t seem to work.

haha it’s not intuitive at all!

I think this warrants a github issue - Ideally new users should be able to be added in the ‘manager’ field, with a note saying ‘new users must confirm their email’ and with the ‘resend confirmation email’ action. And you should be able to add a shopper users as an enterprise manager.

Ok I propose to include that in the epic regarding email validation workflows, see here Confirmation emails, registration flow and in the document, part III - B.