Instance Managers Circle Meeting: Q4 2022 (Combined Agenda and Minutes)

# Facilitators:
Meeting 1: Konrad (DE)
Meeting 2: no meeting - only NZ in attendance

# Note takers:
Meeting 1: Laurie (US)
Meeting 2: no meeting

# Meeting times - two choices (pick at least one for your instance):

  • 17 Oct 2pm/1400 hrs UTC (recording here - click on little arrows in upper right to change view)
  • 18 Oct 9pm/2100hrs UTC

# Meeting link: OFN General Purpose Meeting Room

# Notes from last meeting: Instance Managers Circle Meeting: Q3 2022 (Combined Agenda and Minutes)

# Participants:

  • Australia
  • Brazil
  • Belgium
  • Canada - Meeting 1 David is really cranking on funding proposals, and is reaching out to different platforms who are interested in Data Food Consortium/Interoperability work. Autum in Canada!
  • Colombia
  • Costa Rica
  • France - Rachel Meeting 1, back from a week in Lisbon where it was great to see people in person. Part of Coop Circuits team and global team, needs to relax after an intense week of work and brainstorming. In France, analyzing pricing model. After 2 years there is data that will inform whether they are on the right path (and if not what the right path would be)
  • Germany - Konrad, meeting 1 and maybe meeting 2. Feeling good about work on global team and really likes being a member of the community
  • Greece
  • India
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • Jordan & Qatar - Rafat-Khashan, meeting 1
  • Iberian peninsular (Catalonia, Spain, Portugal)
  • New Zealand - Bernie, meeting 2, working with a Business Mentor to grow and future proof OFN NZ. Also have a new regional hub coming on board which is exciting.
  • Philippines
  • Russia
  • South Africa
  • Turkey
  • UK - Francisco - meeting 1, working for OFN UK and OFN Europe; specializes in fundraising and meeting with different European farms to enable users of different OFN to sell to each other across country borders.
  • USA - Laurie - meeting 1 - excited about new partnerships in the US

# Meeting 1 recording:
(recording here - click on little arrows in upper right to change view)

# Meeting 2 recording:
(no meeting)



  • Previous Minutes
  • Review and update Core/Basic spreadsheet
    Meeting 1: Noted gaps (in red on spreadsheet), Laurie to update Brasil with help from @thomaz
  • Finances (it was agreed to communicate financial contributions here)

Funding Our Instances skill share @dthomas @franciscomartinez
Very good discussion on fundraising options starts at 27 minutes into recording. Decision: a separate skillshare for instance-level fundraising will be proposed in December-ish.


Country updates
Turkey - shut down
Colombia - will shut down
South Africa - may restart
Qatar - interested in international trade just like OFN Europe

Proposal: adding one line to Core/Basic instance spreadsheet to be a point of contact for legal/compliance/employment considerations (if needed)
DECISION: circle proposes that the single contact for each instance will serve as the legal/regulatory compliance contact for that circle.


OFN instances for Jordan and Qatar.

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