Improve reports performance to ensure all users can generate reports for max 1 year data

What is the need / problem

From a given report page, some users don’t manage to generate reports (get snail) because too much data (timeout)
Short video showing a concrete example of the accessibility issue:

Who does it impact

Shannon and Mary whenever they start to have much data (ex in France: 2 big hubs) and Manel (at least Myriam)

What is the current impact of this problem

Manel have issues doing support (when he needs to access reports)
Mary and Shannon have issues in their daily operation management and get pretty upset when the reports they need are not working. Also they don’t manage to get yearly data on their sales, they got the snail when they request info on such long periods.

What is the benefit in focusing on this

Mary and Shannon will have better tools to work properly.

Links to more details

Epic that we closed for now (not prioritized):

Potential solutions that will solve this problem

We don’t know yet.
@maikel did a first spike on it in the epic.
We need to list cases, investigate with performance tracker tools, and organize a proper inception session on this.

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bump up - feature candidate selected at global gathering

I don’t think this is Done. The original issue was split in two as noted in the epic, and the split out issue is Done: Make sure all enterprise managers can access reports filtering menu

This needs another round and be prioritized later.

It’s definitely not done, but it’s grown rather large and so I’ve categorised this as draft so that it can be revised.

@lin_d_hop perhaps the reporting stuff is something you’d like to explore (again, but with a 2018 zapier/katuma/new world perspective) and figure out what’s worthy of an icebox item and global prioritisation?