Hubs can manage, without friction, shipping and payment methods and can grant permissions on them

What is the need / problem

There are multiple bugs today with shipping / payment methods:

  • if a method is used only by one enterprise it can’t be set up as “don’t apply” so it can only be deleted. So a user can’t temporary deactivate some method.
  • when trying to solve it we realized that if you enable to set up as “don’t apply” a method, then if used only by one enterprise it just disappear from the enterprise view and only a super admin can restore it.
  • when trying to solve that new bug we realized that in fact there a deeper issue with the data model connecting enterprises to shipping and payment methods and that we needed to review it in order to make possible:
    1- for an enterprise to create and apply methods to any other enterprise they own or manage
    2- for an enterprise to give permissions to other enterprises to “use” or “edit” their shipping and payment method
    There is a pretty big job to incept properly and work our the UX of it so we decided we would wait for that problem to be prioritized before we move forward on it.

Who does it impact

All users managing multiple enterprises.

What is the current impact of this problem

Confusion as people create methods and they can’t uncheck the “apply” checkbox, they can only delete it so it’s really not good in term of UX

What is the benefit in focusing on this

Improve UX for hub managers and improve network ability for enterprises.

Links to more details

Potential solutions that will solve this problem

New inputs from here: Shipping methods: product decisions to take for Spree upgrade so it seems this is going to be covered by Spree upgrade needs.

@MyriamBoure if this will be covered by the Spree upgrade what should we make the sub-category for this item? This one isn’t on the top 10 list…and so not a chosen priority…so what do we do with it?

After discussing with devs today, this will definitely not be part of Spree upgrade (sorry no bonus @danielle ;-)) So it has to go through its own priorization process. We have a pretty clear idea of the feature candidate but it needs to be better described probably. So putting it back to wishlist and we can keep on specifying more clearly the feature candidate while it attracts votes :slight_smile:

That’s a shame! But it’s good to have clarity on it.

Hrm… this is a pretty important ‘Make What We Have Great’ issue… shame it has no votes!
Soooooo many important things to work on!

@lin_d_hop I have bookmarked to prioritize just after the ones I have casted a vote on already. This is important I agree but users are not so annoyed by that, it’s more us who are annoyed… but we have spent so much time on Spree that I would like to have 2-3 “visible things” for users done before we spend time on this, it will not be small… but I’m happy to change my mind if others believe it is critical and we should do it before visible things for users.

I wish it were only us that were annoyed. This blocks the feature to have closed shopfronts viewable. And in practice users recreate payment methods rather than ask super-admins to reactivate their payment methods. This one looks to users like a basic bug that annoys anyone that tries to toggle payment methods to activate other features (like temporary discounts by offering -% on payment methods).

I appreciate we have loads to do and can’t do everything. Let’s hope this annoys others others enough to prioritise soon :slight_smile: