How we manage things in GitHub - milestones

Continuing the discussion from GitHub Gardening - Part 2 - Milestones:


Last week @oeoeaio and I had a great session planning out how we’d like to use milestones and labels, and came up with a process for moving things through the pipe to released.

This is the first of 3 topics that I’ll add, and it covers off how we’d like to use milestones (see other topics: how we manage labels and how we manage PRs).

Previously we all agreed to use the GitHub Projects feature to manage project and local instance backlogs, and to leave milestones for managing releases.

From now on we will be following this process for using milestones:

  • We’ll always have a “Current Milestone” milestone set up in GitHub, and this is where anyone merging adds their PRs (only PRs, not the issues).

  • PRs are added to a milestone at the point of merging, not before. This way we don’t have to manually manage what’s in the milestone, moving things from one to the next if they don’t get done.

  • At present only @oeoeaio and @maikel are doing most of the merging, with @enricostn and @lin_d_hop merging more minor changes. It will be the responsibility of these people to add the PR they are merging to the Current Milestone as part of that process.

  • At the end of the month (or when a major release goes out, or an emergency release) whatever is in that milestone will be included in the release and accompanying release notes. Whoever is doing the release will re-label the milestone with the relevant dot point release number and description and will also create a new Current Milestone as a replacement.


Very aligned with this process and in agreement with the approach.

A comment on the naming convention, you use both “Current Release” and “Current Milestone”. I’m in favor of “Current Milestone”, as “Current Release” in my head translates to something already released. :smiley:

Great job @danielle and @oeoeaio

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Oops! Yes, definitely Current Milestone!

Thanks for your work on this. This looks good to me but is less my bag than @lin_d_hop and @SineadOFNUK so will ask them to make more intelligent comments :slight_smile:

This has now been implemented, and I’ve updated my original post to be present tense and a wiki so it can be changed in the future. Fun!

Sounds good @danielle thanks. I think I was a bit confused at the begining as for me milestones are what we use to plan what is to be done in a sprint, but I guess here we don’t use milestones for planification, and work planification is done in projects boards by local PO so far (with funnels issues we will need to work on…) but I know we will work on that when we meet in Aus :wink:

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