GitHub Gardening - Part 2 - Milestones

Coming soon, a discussion on how we should use milestones in GitHub to manage the different streams of work each local team are doing, and how this feeds in to a release milestone.

@danielle did this get taken any further?

I hadn’t @pmackay. The AU team are still using the release milestones for our pipeline of work, and I asked about how the UK was using the various milestones (current, backlog, etc) in a dev catch up but we didn’t chat about whether it’s worth streamlining things to make it more consistent, or if we keep things as is. We’ve started putting any PRs that the AU team work on into the release milestones, rather than the original issue (e.g. #814 is still in the UK mileston but #911 PR is in 1.7.1). This is so we can see what’s gone through into the release and Sally can write up the release notes, without removing it from the UK line of sight.

We can raise it as a discussion point in next Tuesday’s UK dev catchup if you’re going to be there and have some ideas?

Sorry I didnt get round to suggesting we discuss this. Basically my suggestion is that we encourage one Backlog and use labels for countries to indicate if an issue is particularly relevant to them. So merge these:

  • UK Backlog
  • Aus Backlog
  • Scandinavia Backlog
  • Core Backlog

What do you think @danielle?

I think that’s a great idea @pmackay. I usually have a couple of milestones set up at any given time, one for the current release and then one of the next one and as we start slating things for development they go in there. But I do agree that we should have one backlog to rule them all and use those country tags we currently have as the backlog equivalent.

So, next steps…did you want to have some fun with this, or wait for me to get back from holidays on June 6th and start the process? :slight_smile:

I could certainly move things around if thats helpful.

@MyriamBoure @lin_d_hop @NickWeir are you guys ok with merging backlogs as I’ve suggested above?

Thanks @paul - yes fine by me - go forth and merge!

@danielle OK have done a bunch of changes. Closed milestones and anything in those is labelled appropriately and in Backlog.

If we work out how to feed the stuff in UK Current into the v1.x milestones we could remove that too, but needs discussion.

Thank you @pmackay :slight_smile: Ping @sigmundpetersen for Scandinavia.
For me to understand clearly, when I create an issue in Github (for France for example), I put my country label.
From when should I add the issue to the backlog? When someone has started to work on it? (ex: when @nickwhite has started the task?) Or when we have agreed to push it in the backlog (we agree that we need to do that) even if we don’t know yet if someone can do it?
Thanks for the precision :slight_smile:

@MyriamBoure if you know its a solid issue it could go into Backlog straight away. It might need some discussion initially perhaps. Backlog should be a list of issues that need doing, but actual implementation has not been planned. Icebox is even lower priority stuff. For me, ideally if someone starts work on an issue, it could get moved to one of the Aus releases, but of course many international contributors cannot necessarily choose and complete issues within that timeframe. We have UK Current as a kind of holding place for stuff that is ongoing, but partly I’m hoping we can avoid using milestones for every country as it gets a bit hard to manage.

Do we really need the Backlog Milestone? @danielle @Kirsten @pmackay

Now that we removed the Icebox milestone I guess all open issues not in any milestone really represents the Backlog.
In addition, Backlog is a state in all other milestones and projects :slight_smile:

We don’t need a backlog milestone @sigmundpetersen. But I don’t have the time to go through what’s in there and make sure that nothing gets lost, or to remove that milestone from each of the issues. I did it with a few other obsolete milestones that had less issues in them (e.g. icebox) but I figure I only have a few hours a week I can give to OFN and clearing out the backlog milestone didn’t seem the biggest problem to solve :smile:

If you wanted to have a go at it then you are very very very very welcome to take it on!

There are also a couple of Feature milestones that @Kirsten will be removing eventually, but she’s also in the same boat of triaging her to do list to the most important things. And the UK Current milestone will also need to be reviewed/issues moved into the UK current project but I imagine that @lin_d_hop and @SineadOFNUK are both up to eyeballs with other stuff too. They’ll no doubt get done eventually, but I think it’s a slow and eventual process :slight_smile:

I can do it if you want.

Here’s what I understood:

  • Backlog: Just remove milestone from all (open) issues
  • [FEAT] Revamp OFN as Directory: Move issues into project with same name
  • [FEAT] Spree Upgrade - Step 7: Same as above
  • @lin_d_hop do you also want me to move all open issus in UK Current to the project or should we just close it off?

Anything I missed @danielle?

Perfectly interpreted @sigmundpetersen :thumbsup: