Entering Food Connect products and variants - including BG variants

@lisahill and others have entered most of the Food Connect products into OFN already. There is still work to be done especially regarding double checking prices and uploading photos.

I @timrwtaylor am setting up the “Deagon Coop” Hub (ie a Buyers’ Group, BG) and I need to add “consumer” variants of the FC products. For example FC may sell a pack of 6x jars. We need to create a variant of 1x jar so that our co-op members can order that variant.

@lisahill and I may duplicate work, so we’ll try to keep this topic up to date with our progress.


Thought this spreadsheet would be useful for working out our producers. We went through a series of discussions regarding how to refer to our producers. Generally we try to use the individual farmer/s name when referring to our producers, to keep putting a ‘face to the farmer’ and connecting the food to it’s grower, etc. However, in anticipation of OFN being bigger than just Food Connect, we made a few decisions regarding some of the larger producers most likely wanting to be referred to by their trading/business/registered name, etc, etc…

The name highlighted in green is the one we’ve used for OFN. For instance, you’ve already discovered that David and Tammy Litzow weren’t in the system, but it’s purely because they have been entered as ‘Black Crow’. Let me know if you’ve got any questions regarding this.

Also just going to link in the pricing and variant discussions going on over here for our reference now and later on :slight_smile:

Hi @timrwtaylor - just double checking on what i need to do from this discussion regarding making a new enterprise for you… what should it be called, and is it a producer? I think i’m lost as to what the purpose of this new enterprise is… but more than happy to make one if that’s what i need to do :smile:

@timrwtaylor Have you guys changed the coffee’s to ‘group buy’ or did i do that? Just wondering because it’s showing up with the ‘min’ and ‘max’ options in our Winter Example order cycle… but as wholesale we’ll only sell it as full 1ikg bags…

Makes me wonder how we will negotiate ‘group buy’ items in the future… as i’m guessing Buyer’s Clubs will need to offer it on a number of things, but as the wholesale Hub we will need to keep it as a strict full weight… might be worth more discussion…

Hi Lisa,

I believe you need to create a brand new hub for me, if you know how.

I would like it to be called “Deagon Coop EXCESS ORDERS ONLY” please, and the administrator to be the same as my existing hub. Will send you a screenshot by email.


Hi @lisahill,

No I haven’t touched any products for quite a while now.

I don’t know much about the group buy concept, I think we have never done anything with this using our existing FC ordering method.


alrighty @timrwtaylor i have created that enterprise, and put that email as the contact and as a manager… the rest of the information i just made up! I have no idea what connections that hub will have… i guess maybe once it becomes visible to you, you can see whether it has the same permissions, etc as your other one?

thanks for coffee info - i must’ve done it early on in the testing stages. Great! we can learn about group buy together later on :smile:

Thanks Lisa, I’ve just had a look. I don’t have any products available for the EXCESS ORDERS hub :frowning:

@Kirsten implied that something you could do would give access to all the existing FC products to the Deagon EXCESS hub…

I’ve had a quick look at the enterprise relationships and it looks like the ‘excess coop’ only has two of the permissions that the main coop has.

for the main coop - it says:
to add to order cycle
to override variant details
to manage products

for the ‘excess’ coop it only says:
to add to order cycle
to override variant details

I’m guess that is because Kirsten gave you guys special permission to manage our products during this testing phase… and therefore that special permission doesn’t automatically apply when i create an enterprise for you. However, you should be able to see the products, add them to an order cycle and place overrides on the variants??? I think…

I remember how i can grant that same access but it would take a couple of hours, as i need to physically go through and grant the access for each and every producer… that default must be set to only allowing the first two. Do you need to edit that products as that second coop?

Since you have access to both… Can’t you edit as the first coop, then add to order cycles and override variants as the second coop?

… turns out it would take longer, because once an enterprise relationship is created, i can’t work out how to edit it. So i would need to create them all individually again - whereas at least these have been automatically created…

Hi @Lisahill, good news. I can select all the existing products in an order cycle for the EXCESS ORDERS hub :D.

I was confused by an warning shown to me on the dashboard. When I went to the order cycle all is good.

Thanks for this!


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@Kirsten. I started seeing the “You don’t have any active products” warning on my dashboard as soon as @lisahill created me my new “EXCESS ORDERS ONLY” enterprise.

Thankfully the warning doesn’t equate to much; I can still do everything I need / want to do with the “EXCESS ORDERS ONLY” enterprise’s order cycle (I think).

See screenshot…

Hello @timrwtaylor - just letting you know we are starting a big push on updating the details of the Food Connect products. We’re going to be double checking price, description and photos as well as filling out the farmer profiles over the coming weeks. Whilst we are doing this, i am going to start building the single variants as previously discussed. Let me know if there’s any particular products you want done early in the piece that will help your testing, and i’ll put them as a priority.

Meanwhile - can you tell me if you can see ALL of our products and add them to your order cycles OR just the ones which are in our current ‘winter sample’ order cycle? I’m worried that if you can see all of our products, then Buyer’s clubs can add products to their order cycles which aren’t really available… In reality you should only be able to see products which are in our current and open order cycle…


And… I’ve hit my first hurdle. @timrwtaylor @Kirsten

When creating a single unit variant, priced as a directly divisible price, i’m not sure how to include bulk discounts.

For instance, Sprout Bakery sells bread in lots of 5 and 10 loaves. Obviously we sell the 10 loaves at a cheaper price than the 5 loaves, to encourage people to buy in bulk, and also because it takes less packaging.

In this instance should i create two single variants, like so:

1 x Loaf of Bread - When Buying 5 = $x
1 x Loaf of Bread - When Buying 10 = $y

OR, do we make it the lowest possible price and BOTH parties add fees / mark ups to the item?


Another little thing for testing, if you’ve got the time @timrwtaylor

I’ve been playing around with entering the single variants at a divisible cost, then doing an override rather than a fee… mainly because editing the overrides is sooooo much easier than applying a fee to each individual variant.

So… could you have a look at the Gutsy Ferments’ range of Krauts, and add them to one of your testing order cycles (the single variants) and let me know if the price comes through as divisible of the bulk by (should be $10.33) or comes through at the price we charge if someone buys an individual bottle ($11). I’m not sure if the override will carry over into Deagon’s info or only be for FCWholesale…

Let me know what you find - thanks!

Hi @timrwtaylor and @lisahill - I’m back and just reloading everything into my head . . wondering if there’s anything on this page that needs input from me or you’ve got it sorted between you?

Helllllloooo @Kirsten welcome home.
There are two things that have come up in this discussion which i’d love advice on.

Firstly - which products are available to buyer’s clubs to add to their order cycles? We would obviously need it to only be those products & variants which are available in our order cycle for that week… but it seems at the moment that order cycles have no bearing on which products Tim can select - but maybe that has to do with the extra access granted to help get the process set up?

Secondly - fees/overrides/single variants values? I’ve started entering single variants at a divisible value (price equals exactly to the wholesale bulk amount divided by it’s items or kg) however when it comes to there being two variants of the wholesale item available, this then creates two potential single variants… So should i build variants which state 1 x loaf of bread (@ 10 pack price) and another which is called 1 x loaf of bread (@ 5 pack price) so that the buyer’s club can include which ever variant they think they are most likely to order… OR shall we just put in the lowest possible price (the best bulk buy) and buyer’s clubs can add an override if they buy the smaller pack? Does that make any sense?

They are the two hurdles i haven’t been able to jump in your abscence.

Meanwhile our food connect buyer’s club has finally started up, and is struggling with spreadsheets, so we want to get that moving forward in the same way asap… which also means we can test everything that our customer buyer’s clubs will be doing before they do it :smile:

Got time to catch up tomorrow? I’ll probably be in the office all day, and have the wholesale team in helping input data…

ok, let me have a think about / play with both of those and have some thoughts ready for tomorrow . . happy to chat, anytime after about 11am so just let me know what suits you. I’ll be here all day, with Maikel, so if problems with products updating etc we should be able to jump right on it :smile:

am i ok to fiddle with the order cycle you have set up (example:winter) while I’m checking this out, or best I don’t touch it?

I like the idea of food connect internal buying group testing!!