Enable different Enterprise Icon / Colour for additional enterprise types in map and list views

What is the need / problem

There are Enterprises who are or want to use OFN for profiling and mapping food system actors that are:

  • not producers or shops / hubs; and/or
  • with greater differentiation between food hubs / shops / producers e.g. more clearly see CSA, farmers’ market etc

Who does it impact

  • Instance managers / communities working with people who want to use directory / search
  • Groups wanting to showcase broader activity / actors in their group than just producers and hubs

What is the current impact of this problem

Everything just gets put under ‘shops’ or ‘producers’ so visibility and access to other organisations is lost, and people actually shopping have no way to filter ‘non-shop’ or ‘different hub’ enterprises

Australian examples are potential for Education, Community Builder (or whatever) orgs like NEC, or Milkwood/3000acres to not be listed as Hubs

What is the benefit in focusing on this

Drawing more users, particularly groups onto OFN through gradual improvement of directory / search. This is an immediate pain point for existing user in Aus.

Ideas / Feature Candidate

  • Enable a different icon and colour to be set for enterprise icon for display in map, shop (maybe producer?) pages
  • Set / allowed at Instance level? or Group might also be allowed to create one

Q: how would it be handled in search and filter? Basic implementation not at all, purely display only

Just chiming in here - because this has just come up in CAnada too. A provincial group is using the OFN group feature to organize a provincial CSA program. It woudl be good to have icon/colour options at the instance level at least. Generally - I’m finding lots of interest in the mapping feature - and am anxious to build on what we have.

Has there been any update here? I have a hub that is doing a library of things as well and it could integrate it here but it might be good to have a different icon for them.

Adding here … this has come up again in OFN-CAN. During COVID lockdown we onboarded 27 farmers’ markets - and most of these have some types of non-food vendors who have set up enterprises on OFN. Many of them have asked if we could have a menu of icons that they could select from - icons that would work better for them than just a tractor for example. We’d love to see a menu of icons - tractor for farm, somethign that says makers/crafters, and some icons for organizations that are part of OFN but not producers of food. …

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