Customer Mobile Experience

Please add your thoughts and inputs regarding the customer mobile experience. Note we’ll explore the backend mobile experience elsewhere.

How does OFN feel on mobile?
Are there specific issues on specific devices/platforms?
What might make the experience smoother/more intuitive/more likely to result in me completing an order?

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Mobille shopfront looks more like something from an accounting system. I’m not inspired by delicious looking food. I’m in robot mode thinking more about getting this done and doing something else.

Huge block screens really disrupt the mobile experience. Users must navigation through ‘Shopping Transformed’ and other huge messages before finding a list of shops. I’d much rather just be asked if I want one of the shops close to me, or one of the shops that I usually shop at.

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Food Assembly have a nice menu at the bottom of their mobile screen. This simple graphical menu allows you to quickly navigate to home, shop, basket and checkout from anywhere within the mobile site. Very easy to use and fits neatly into the bottom of the screen, giving the feeling that it’s not taking up any space at all.

Looks the same on my phone. Not sure how our members can bring themselves to use it. Would be nice to see images for a start. Also not great having to enter a number in order to put something in your basket.

Would be great to have an installation link (add to mobile home screen) so that it creates an “app look” square button on the smartphone (a shortcut in fact), so that you can click on it and it open the OFN webpage (even, ideally, the one of your favorite store), so that it feels as friendly as an app and enable you to have a quick access to the OFN store.

When I want to add a quantity of a product, I have to clic on the field and then type manually a number, which is pretty unconvenient, would be great to just have to tap on “+” to add a quantity, or “-” to take one off.
Also as it zooms automatically when I clic on the field to add a quantity, then I have to dezoom manually, it doesn’t resize automatically.

It’s not intuitive to find the small trolley at the top right corner on mobile.

If the hub manager has put in the “ready for” field a slightly long text (for example here, it says that the shops is permanently open), the field doesn’t correctly display on mobile:

The mobile experience of the “official” store is very important, it was one of the first topics of our group (Italy). I’m glad that you’re taking care of it.
On the other hand, I imagine that food hubs or producers could want to have their own styled app. Hence, I would take care of the API as well, so that one can access the required data but manage their format according to the own style.

Update: Sorry, I saw it before but I payed not enough attention to the Spree API Reference (

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Would it make sense to look at making OFN a progressive web app? This would give the “add to Home” and other improvements in “app-like” functionality.

Would it be worth doing a couple of things:

  1. A more detailed study of other platforms
  2. Some mockups of what a new OFN interface could look like

Some other thoughts on mobile UX experience:

  • Does the Register here banner need to appear on mobile? Would simplify UI if it was disabled.
  • The sidebar menu might be better as a quick slide-in overlay.
  • The category filter button seems to have no text currently (also true on desktop?)
  • What about making top bar stick to the top so the cart icon is always visible? This is particularly important given the Checkout button at the bottom can only be reached by loading all products.
  • The shop menu items are distracting. Could they move to a right side slide-in menu?
  • Would it make sense to render each product variant separately? This would make an improved UI for each variant simpler.

This may have been mentioned before - what about a default store for each user? Make that the default view when the site is loaded. Its not often customers are going to want to browse producers in a map or list across the whole country.

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Sharing more UX issues seen on Iphone SE (March 2018, v1.10.1)

>don’t see name of shop
> even on landscape view
> price breakdown now showing (covered here)

Iceboxed here Customers easily go through the whole placing order process on mobile

Closing this wishlist now asthe feature is in delivery at the moment and this was one of the discovery post on the topic.